2017 Fall Meeting

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VI. Health Physics and Environmental Science » Health Physics and Environmental Science

[2Q20-23] Mobile Radiation Monitoring 2

Thu. Sep 14, 2017 5:25 PM - 6:30 PM Room Q (Lecture Hall - Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building)

Chair:Iwao Shimoyama (JAEA)

5:40 PM - 5:55 PM

[2Q21] Advancement of airborne radiation measurement technology

(1)Contribution of position precision by GPS for manned helicopter monitoring

*Airi Mori1, Yukihisa Sanada1, Eisaku Seguchi1, Tomoki Kawabata1, Masahiro Munakata1 (1. JAEA)

Keywords:Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident, Airborne monitoring, GPS, Positional information, Radiation measurement

Count rates of radiation and the positional information (latitude, longitude, and height) are acquired simultaneously in airborne monitoring. The precision of positional information affects the air dose rates at 1 m height because count rates at 1 m height are calculated by correction of height. In this study, 3 GPS devices are used in addition to 1 GPS device which has been used in previous airborne monitoring. The most appropriate GPS device were determined by comparing precisions of positional information and influences on air dose rates at 1 m height.