2017 Annual Meeting

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III. Fission Energy Engineering » 302-1 Advanced Reactor System

[2G04-09] Knowledge preservation of Monju data

Tue. Mar 28, 2017 10:20 AM - 12:00 PM Room G (16-207 Building No.16)

Chair: Naoto Kasahara (Univ. of Tokyo)

10:50 AM - 11:05 AM

[2G06] The results obtained from the 20 years of “Monju” plant data

(6)The evaluation about heat removal performance by experience of operating R/B HVAC

*Takenobu Uchida1, Hiromasa Sawazaki1, Tatsuya Morioka1, Takeshi Sato1, Yoshihide Nakamura1, Hiroki Shiotani1, Yasushi Ohkawachi1 (1. JAEA Monju Project Management and Engineering Center)

Keywords:Monju, R/B HVAC, heat removal performance

The reactor cavity and Primary room Heat Transfer System (PHTS) cells of FBR are designated as water prohibited area to prevent sodium-water reaction phenomena.
In Monju, fluorocarbon is used as a refrigerant instead of water refrigerants for Reactor Building (R/B) Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC).
R/B HVAC chiller system using fluorocarbon is characteristic equipment for FBR, and there is no example in light water reactors.
In this study, we evaluated the running performance of R/B HVAC Chiller System by using about 20 years Plant data as an Evaluation of “Monju” Research Plan.