2017 Annual Meeting

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IV. Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Materials » 402-1 Nuclear Materials and the Irradiation Behavior

[3J05-09] Pressure Vessel Materials

Wed. Mar 29, 2017 10:35 AM - 12:00 PM Room J (16-305 Building No.16)

Chair: Kan Sakamoto (NFD)

11:20 AM - 11:35 AM

[3J08] Performance of Oxygen Sensors with Solid Fe/Fe3O4 and Liquid Bi/Bi2O3 Reference Electrode in Liquid LBE

*Pribadi Mumpuni Adhi1, Masatoshi Kondo2, Minoru Takahashi2 (1. Department of Nuclear Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2. Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Keywords:Solid electrolyte sensor, Lead-bismuth eutectic, Liquid reference electrode, Solid reference electrode

Performance of the oxygen sensors with solid and liquid type reference electrode (RE) were investigated in the liquid LBE. The oxygen potentials in the LBE were made equilibrium with the formation potentials of PbO and Fe3O4 at 450°-600°C. The stabilization time to an equilibrium condition of the RE of solid type RE was shorter than liquid type RE and both of the sensors perfomed well in the liquid LBE.