2018 Fall Meeting

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II. Radiation, Accelerator, Beam and Medical Technologies » 203-3 Application of Beams, Target

[1L10-14] Radiation Chemistry, Biology and Gamma-ray Application

Wed. Sep 5, 2018 3:35 PM - 5:00 PM Room L (D12 -D Building)

Chair:Koichi Kan(Osaka Univ.)

3:35 PM - 3:50 PM

[1L10] Delbruck scattering by laser Compton scatternig gamma-rays

*Takehito Hayakawa1, James Kevin Koga1, Toshiyuki Shizuma1, Zen Heishun2, Toshiteru Kii2, Hideaki Ohgaki2, Masaki Fujimoto3, Masahiro Kato3 (1. QST, 2. Kyoto Univ., 3. IMS)

Keywords:laser Compton scattering gamma-rays, Delbruck scattering

Delbruck scattering which is one of elastic scattering of gamma-rays on atoms has been studied for verification of QED from 20th century. It has been practically impossible to measure only the cross section of the Delbruck scattering. Recently, Koga and Hayakawa presented the calculated result that it is possible to measure only the amplitude of the Delbruck scattering with linearly polarized gamma-rays. We present the detail of the calculation and the generation of laser Compton scattering gamma-rays at UVSOR to study the Delbruck scattering.