2019 Annual Meeting

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V. Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Materials » 501-1 Basic Properties

[3M05-09] Thermal Properties of Oxide Fuels

Fri. Mar 22, 2019 10:35 AM - 12:00 PM Room M (Common Education Bildg. 2 3F No.37)

Chair:Ken Kurosaki(Osaka Univ.)

10:35 AM - 10:50 AM

[3M05] Thermal Conductivity Estimation of Fully Ceramic Microencapsulated Pellets with ZrO2 as Simulated Particles


*Ariyani Kusuma Dewi1,2, Souichirou Yamaguchi1, Takashi Onitsuka1, Masayoshi UNO1 (1. University of Fukui, 2. National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) Indonesia)

Keywords:fully ceramic microencapsulated, thermal conductivity , ZrO2-SiC pellets

Thermal conductivity of fully ceramic microencapsulated (FCM) fuel estimation is important to provide accurate prediction of fuel performance and safety aspect of nuclear fuel. ZrO2-SiC pellets with FCM fuel concept were fabricated using SPS, and characterize using laser flash analysis to measure thermal conductivity. Maxwell-Eucken model that was modified by considering the parameter of matrix-particle interaction was in good agreement with the measured thermal conductivity of ZrO2-SiC pellets.