7th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Radiochemistry 2022

Scientific Sessions

Special sessions

S1. Hevesy Award & Plenary talks 
S2. Symposium for nuclear and radiochemical sciences in future
S3. 1st year after 10 years from Fukushima NPP accident
S4. Evolution of the periodic table of the elements including Nihonium
S5. Life sciences, healthcare, and nuclear medicine 
S6. (FRC session) Decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi NPP and scientific basis for waste managements
Regular sessions
R1. Nuclear Chemistry 
    R1-1. Heavy and superheavy elements 
    R1-2. Nuclear and decay properties 
    R1-3. Nuclear reactions and fission 
    R1-4. Radioisotope production and its application
    R1-5. Others
R2. Radioanalytical Chemistry 
    R2-1. Activation analysis 
    R2-2. New tracer techniques
    R2-3. Separation, purification, and standardization 
    R2-4. Others
R3. Chemistry of actinides and other radionuclides
   R3-1. Actinide chemistry 
   R3-2. Coordination chemistry of actinides
   R3-3. Synchrotron-radiation application to actinides and environmental radiochemistry 
   R3-4. Spectroscopies for actinide research
   R3-5. Quantum chemical calculations for heavy elements
   R3-6. Technetium, Astatin, Radium, and other radionuclides 
   R3-7. Others
R4. Nuclear probes 
   R4-1. Nuclear probes in chemistry
   R4-2. Mossbauer spectroscopy of 57Fe 
   R4-3. Mossbauer spectroscopy of other nuclides 
   R4-4. Positron science 
   R4-5. Others
R5. Environment and earth
   R5-1. Environmental radiochemistry
   R5-2. New application of radioisotopes in environmental and earth sciences 
   R5-3. Interactions of radionuclides and biota 
   R5-4. Radioecology
   R5-5. Isotope geochemistry, application of series nuclides
   R5-6. Nuclear methods in anthropology, archeology, and art studies 
   R5-7. Others
R6. Basic Sciences for Nuclear Energy 
   R6-1. Radiation effects, fusion reactor materials
   R6-2. Decontamination and remediation methods
   R6-3. Others
R7. Education and Radiation Management
   R7-1. Education
   R7-2. Radiation safety management 
R8. Nuclear forensics and safeguards
R9. New techniques 
  R9-1. Application of AMS and related methods 
  R9-2. Imaging methods
  R9-3. New detectors, new measurement techniques, and data analysis 
  R9-4. Others