Exhibitors' information

[7] Kyoto University - Disaster Prevention Research Institute & Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Graduate School of Science

We welcome those who are interested in studying earth science in as masters or PhD students of Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University. The application is scheduled on July for master course, and July and January for PhD course.
Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences comprises the Department of Geophysics and the Department of Geology and Mineralogy. The Department of Geophysics undertakes research not only regarding the Earth's core, mantle, and crust, but also its oceans and atmosphere, and even interplanetary space. We analyze data from above-ground and satellite data to combine methodologies for theoretic, laboratory, and simulation experiments to learn more about the ever-changing dynamics of the geosphere, through which we hope to learn to predict such changes. In the Department of Geology and Mineralogy, we emphasize observation and analysis through both fieldwork and laboratory testing to examine phenomena related to the Earth's strata and rocks, minerals, and fossils from the context of the Earth's developmental history.
DPRI has been pursuing principles of natural disaster reduction, establishing integrated methodologies for disaster prevention based on natural and social sciences, and educating students in related fields.