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Born as an aerial surveying company, PASCO has performed surveying work at the request of local governments and other customers and provided maps based business model that we have expanded our business presence. Map data essential to corporate decision making, disaster mitigation measures, urban planning and the development and upkeep of national infrastructure is now considered core information for social systems is increasing at a fast pace.

Additional, PASCO Group’s collection and processing technologies for geospatial information are being used for environmental monitoring and to quickly ascertain damages caused by the increasing number of natural disasters occurring around the world.

Under the above-mentioned vision, PASCO Group considers human resource development and research and development as its key themes for its growth strategy for the next 10 years. Through these efforts we are working on expanding our business presence in order to be a company that continually meets and exceeds the expectations of society.

PASCO Group’s goals are to continually maintain the world’s leading technical capability that integrates all aspects of the value chain, from collection of geospatial information to service provision, and to become the unparalleled leader in geospatial information with operations benefiting society.