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[2] Taiwan Earthquake Research Center (TEC)

Taiwan Earthquake Research Center (TEC) has promoted a series of studies on real-time seismology, earthquake early warning (EEW) and seismic hazard and risk analysis with support from the Minister of Science and Technology (MOST).
An automated near real-time moment tensor monitoring system (RMT) has been constructed to monitor the seismic activity by taking advantage of a grid-based moment tensor inversion technique and long-period broadband seismic recordings.
The P-Alert, a MEMS accelerometer that is specially designed for on-site earthquake early warning, has been widely deployed island-wide in Taiwan. It can detect first P-wave arrival and provide an alert with predicted intensity when the amplitude of vertical P-wave is over 0.35 cm.
By integrating the earthquake science, earthquake engineering, and social science communities of Taiwan, the Taiwan Earthquake Model (TEM) program is to improve our understanding of Taiwan earthquake mechanisms and therefore provide new insight into seismic hazard and risk assessments for Taiwan.
The TEC not only acts as a platform for the advanced researches in earthquake science and technology, but also presenting real-time earthquake information and creative and diversity tools and materials for seismic education outreach.