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Joint Symposia » J08. Imaging and interpreting lithospheric structures using seismic and geodetic approaches

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Fri. Aug 4, 2017 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Shinsho Hall (The KOBE Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 3F)

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

[J08-P-05] Gravitational signal produced by global shallow-Earth density model Litho1.0

Josef Sebera1, Roger Haagmans1, Rune Floberghagen1, Diego Fernandez Pietro1, Joerg Ebbing2, Michael Kern1 (1.European Space Agency, 2.University of Kiel)

The global Earth's density distribution models based on data from seismic tomography and crustal compilations still improve in accuracy, lateral as well as in the vertical resolution. In our work, we evaluate the gravitational signal generated by such a model, Litho1.0, while focusing on the spectral properties. Litho1.0 provides about 10% of the total Earth's gravitational acceleration and allows to shed light on the spectral relations between the main “players" – the crust, the lithosphere and the upper mantle (as represented by the model). We also compare the results in terms of gravitational gradients with those obtained from the ESA's mission GOCE. The gravitational gradients depend less on deeper and more distant density variations than the gravity and therefore they provide suitable means for studying the shallow Earth. Finally, we discuss some numerical issues associated with the spherical tessellation used in Litho1.0 and LLNL-G3D.