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Joint Symposia » J09. Geodesy and seismology general contributions

[J09-4] Geodesy and seismology general contributions IV

Fri. Aug 4, 2017 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM Room 401 (Kobe International Conference Center 4F, Room 401)

Chairs: Jan Michalek (University of Bergen) , Przemyslaw Dykowski (Institute of Geodesy and Cartography)

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM

[J09-4-03] EPOS-Norway - GNSS and seismological data from Norway in a common e-infrastucture

Jan Michalek1, Kuvvet Atakan1, Xiaoliang Wang1, Christian Ronnevik1, Tormod Kvaerna4, Michael Roth4, Halfdan Pascal Kierulf2, Tor Langeland3, Ove Daae Lampe3 (1.University of Bergen, Norway, 2.Norwegian Mapping Authority, Oslo, Norway, 3.Christian Michelsen Research, Bergen, Norway, 4.NORSAR, Kjeller, Norway)

The European Plate Observing System (EPOS) is a European project about building a pan-European infrastructure for accessing solid Earth science data. The EPOS-Norway project (EPOS-N) is a Norwegian project funded by National Research Council and is closely linked to the European EPOS project. The aims of EPOS-N project are divided into three work packages where the first one is about integrating Norwegian geoscientific data into an e-infrastructure (web portal).
There are 2 institutions in Norway providing seismological data – University of Bergen (UIB) and NORSAR, and one institution providing GNSS data - Norwegian Mapping Authority (NMA). In the presentation/poster we present the integration of the two data types into a single e-infrastructure. The first step is to standardize access to both data types and bring them into one system. The second step is to develop tools for visualization and analysis of the two different data types allowing efficient comparison of them. The EPOS-Norway project started in January 2016 and we are presenting mainly the effort we made towards the integration and ideas we want to make alive during the project.