Imaging Conference JAPAN 2019

Events and Program

 [Updated Program:2019/06/23]  

Special Events 

Keynote Speech 
July 2 (Tue.)
Opportunities and Threats by Disruptive Innovation -The Ways to be a Disrupter rather than to be Disrupted
Schumpeter TAMADA (KWANSEI GAKUIN University)
Awarded Lecture
Commemoration Lecture of the Paper Award 2017
July 2 (Tue.)
New Evaluation Method for the "Appearence" of Black and Color, in the Glossy Prints in the Observation Environment
Katsushi HARA, Takumi KANEKO, Tomokazu YANAI (Canon Inc.)
Commemoration Lecture of Konica Minolta Research Encouraging Grant 2017
July 2 (Tue.)
Optical and electronic properties of organic-inorganic perovskite self-organized quantum wells
Masanao ERA (Saga University)
Inkjet Session
Invited Paper
July 3 (Wed.)
Numerical Simulation to Predict Morphologies of Solid Films on Inkjet Method
Jun Fukai (Kyushu University)
2.5D, Decorative Printing Session
Session Keynote
July 4 (Thu.)
2.5D Printing: Bridging the Gap Between 2D and 3D Applications
Carinna Elizabeth PARRAMAN (University of the West of England), Maria V. ORTIZ SEGOVIA (Oc Print Logic Technologies)
Special Talk
July 4 (Thu.)
Historical 2.5D photomechanical printing
Susanne KLEIN, Carinna PARRAMAN (University of the West of England)
Technical Exchange Meeting
July 2 (Tue.) 12:00-17:00, July 3 (Wed.) 9:30-16:00  at Reception Hall, 3F/ Keyaki Kaikan
Imaging Technology Artifacts Gallery
Planner: Planning Committee
Laboratory Introduction Corner
Planner: Planning Committee
Social Hour
July 2 (Tue.) 17:15-19:00 at Food Court, 2F/ University Co-op
  • Registration will be open at the entrance of the room on the day
  • Fee: 2,000 yen