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[The Winners of Poster Award (T7/T8)] Congratulations!!

PAB(T7)-158 Makoto Noguchi, The University of Tokyo (Japan)
Identification of gut microbiota-derived fatty acids which activate fatty acid oxidation in human intestinal organoids

PAB(T8)-28 Saki Nishimoto, .Kyoto University (Japan)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of sphingomyelin from Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar

(2022/12/10 12:36 PM)

[The Winners of Poster Award (T6)] Congratulations!!

PAB(T6)-53 James Webster, University of Leeds (UK)
Risk of hip fracture in meat-eaters, pescatarians, and vegetarians: results from the UK Women's Cohort Study

PAB(T6)-70 Nozomi Aoki, Juntendo university (Japan)
Relationship between green tea beverages and cedar pollen reactivity: a population-based large cohort study

PAB(T6)-107 Toshiki Hata, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology / Graduation school of Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan)
Association of changes in dietary variety with all-cause mortality among older Japanese adults with/without frailty

PAB(T6)-224 Hye Ran Shin, Chungnam National University (Korea)
Optimal vitamin D intake level for preventing serum 25–hydroxyvitamin D insuffciency in young Korean women

PAB(T6)-261 Giin Shang Yeo, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia)
The South East Asian Nutrition Surveys (SEANUTS) Malaysia: Changes in eating habits of Malaysian primary schoolchildren aged 6-12 years over a decade

PAB(T7)-119 Arata Banno, Gifu University (Japan)
Dipeptide FP(Phe-Pro) improves cholesterol metabolism via PepT1 and appears in portal blood.

(2022/12/10 12:36 PM)

[The Winners of Poster Award (T4 /T5)] Congratulations!!

PAB(T4)-8 Arisa Matsuzaki, Ehime University (Japan)
Associations of review patterns of diet foods and drinks with self-reported weight changes among Japanese men and women.

PAB(T4)-38 Momoko Kasuya, Kyoto Women's University (Japan)
Texture and sensory evaluation of whey protein jellies for nutrtional care in the elderly

PAB(T4)-148 Zhentao Zhong, Waseda University (Japan)
The effects of upper- and lower-body exercise on postprandial triglycerides in healthy young men

PAB(T4)-152 Gloria Perez Gimeno, Instituto Agroalimentario de Aragón (IA2),University of Zaragoza / Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Aragón (IIS Aragón) (Spain)
Development of a genetic risk score to predict the risk of hypertension in European adolescents from the HELENA study

PAB(T4)-167 Anh Quynh Bui, National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy (Korea)
Vitamin E intake and Paraoxonase 1 (PON1) rs662 genetic polymorphism associated with colorectal cancer risk in a Korean population

PAB(T5)-1 Kana Takahashi, Kagawa Nutrition University (Japan)
Associations between Perceptions of Attractive Body, BMI, and eating habits among Young Women with and without Children in Japan

(2022/12/10 12:35 PM)

[The Winners of Poster Award (T1 /T2)] Congratulations!!

PAB(T1)-82 Tamau Kawashima, The University of Tokyo (Japan)
Histidine enhances memory formation and retrieval in mice.

PAB(T1)-83 Jun Kambe, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)
Amino acid metabolites enzyme in mouse milk plays an essential role in forming gut microbiota and brain gene expression during infancy.

PAB(T2)-6 Yuna Oi, Chubu University (Japan)
Dexamethasone-induced muscle atrophy in rats: effects of age and vitamin D deficiency

PAB(T2)-42 Kiho Miyoshi, Graduate School of Home and Economics, Kyoto Women's University (Japan)
Effect of milk on the measurement of exhaled carbon monoxide in healthy Japanese non-smokers and current smokers

PAB(T2)-49 Bianda Aulia, University College London (UK)
The use of Mini Nutritional Assessment for malnutrition and sarcopenia assessment in elderly home care residents in Indonesia

PAB(T2)-59 Kar Mun Chong, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Malaysia)
Reliability of a web-based time-use diary (MEDAL) in assessing children's meal intakes using food photography taken by parents as reference

(2022/12/10 12:35 PM)

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