The 26th International Display Workshops (IDW '19)

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[AMDp1] Oxide TFTs

Thu. Nov 28, 2019 10:40 AM - 1:10 PM Main Hall (1F)

10:40 AM - 1:10 PM

[AMDp1-5] Transfer Characteristics of H2O2-Doped ZrInZnO Thin Film Transistors

*Sangmin Lee1, Bohyeon Jeon1, Byoungdeog Choi1 (1. Sungkyunkwan University (Korea))

Keywords:TFTs, Solution-process, ZrInZnO, Hydrogen peroxide, Positive bias stress

Solution-processed zirconium-indium-zinc-oxide thin-film transistors (ZIZO TFTs) were fabricated with and without hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). With an incorporation of H2O2 into the channel layer, threshold voltage shift under positive bias stress were improved. We realized the reduced trap density of ZIZO TFTs with 2 M H2O2 incorporation.