The 26th International Display Workshops (IDW '19)

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[FMC4/LCT4] Micro LED Display

Special Topics of Interest on Micro/Mini LEDs

Thu. Nov 28, 2019 9:00 AM - 10:20 AM Mid-sized Hall A (1F)

Chair: K Käläntär (Global Optical Solutions)
Co-Chair: Seiji Shibahara (Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.)

9:20 AM - 9:40 AM

[FMC4/LCT4-2(Invited)] A new generation of HDR display with super multi-zones mini LED

*Jianping Zheng1, Zhuo Deng1, Ling Wu1, Poping Shen1, Junyi Li1, Jianmou Huang1 (1. XiaMen Tianma Microelectronics Company, Ltd. (China))

Keywords:HDR Display, LCD, Super multi-zones, mini LED

We propose a new generation of HDR display with active matrix mini-LED backlight for LCD. The display enables super multi-zones display by using new type of backlight drive, which achieved better contrast and less halo defect. Through both instrument test and perception experiments, we evaluated the performance of HDR LCD.