The 30th International Display Workshops (IDW '23)


Introduction to Metaverse Venue

IDW '23 will set up a web-based metaverse venue that attendees can easily enter with their web browser. No VR equipment or applications are required. All participants of IDW '23 are welcome to join the metaverse venue.

In the metaverse venue, attendees can listen to special lectures by metaverse experts, participate in exhibitions, and interact with other participants as avatars. The main feature of the space is that attendees will feel the presence of other people as if they were physically present. We hope that attendees will actively explore and enjoy the interaction in the metaverse venue!

Instructions on how to use the space are shown at the bottom of the page.

Metaverse Events 

- Special Lectures

  • Date and time: December 5, 5:30 PM-9:00 PM  (the day before the main IDW '23 conference)
  • Location: Metaverse Site and Room 201 in Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center 

Five metaverse experts will talk about their experiences and discuss several themes.
   "Metaverse Lecture"
    Kiyoharu Aizawa (The University of Tokyo) 
    The presentation title is tentative and subject to change.

   * More information on additional speakers will be announced soon.



  • Date: December 6-7, 2023
  • Location: Metaverse Venue 
  • Specific times: The specific times of the exhibition will be announced soon.
Each showcase will display exhibition content as pictures or videos. Attendees can visit each showcase and talk with exhibitors in each area. Attendees can also voice chat with other attendees when they stand in the red carpet zone.


- Meraverse Venue Experience

The Metaverse Venue is a great way to network with other attendees, learn about the latest developments in the metaverse, and explore the possibilities of this new technology.
We expect participants to stroll around the venue, gather, and communicate with each other.


How to Access the Metaverse Venue
The Metaverse Venue will open on December 5th at 4:00 PM. The URL will be available on the online program site (Confit) on December 5th.

How to Use the Metaverse

[Minimum requirements]
 OS: Windows 10 or macOS
 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U or later
 Memory : over 8GB
 Recommended browser: Google Chrome latest version

Smartphones or tablets are not recommended. 
Opening multiple browser tabs may invoke low performance.

[Set Name]
After entering the venue, you first set the avatar's name to your name. Set avatar's name is not required but recommended for communicating with other attendees.
Right-click on the venue pages and confirm the menu area on the left side of your screen. Next, input your name on the screen's upper left side and press the enter key. 

[Teleport Spot]
Go to a teleport spot using the WASD key. For example, dive into the spot if you find a teleport spot in the following screenshot. Then, you can teleport to the main venue.

In this venue, exhibition booths will open. You can move freely in the venue. If you'd like to talk with someone, stand in the "Talk" area. All attendees can use voice chat when they stand in the "Talk" area.

Trouble Shooting

Q1: The mouse pointer has disappeared. I cannot operate other windows on my PC.

A1: Press "ESC" or "Tab" key. You can see the mouse pointer again. 

Q2: Broadcasting in the main venue is not shown when I enter the broadcasting area.

A2: Go out of the area and try entering the area again or reload your page. Please note that if you reload the page, you must do the avatar setting again.


Q3: I cannot enter the venue. 

A3: Confirm your devices meet recommended environment. Smartphones or tablets are not recommended. Reload your page again. Some companies or university networks may prohibit your access. Try also using other networks like smartphone tethering.


Q4: I succeeded in entering the venue. However no other avatars and no broadcasting events.

A4: Some companies or university networks may block specific port numbers. Try also using other networks like smartphone tethering.


Q5: I cannot talk with other avatars. I'm in the voice chat available area.

A5: Your browser may not grant microphone permission. Grant your microphone permission in your browser. See the article as a reference.


Q6: How can I show my name?

A6: Press right-click, show the menu, and input your name in the left-side window.


Q7: How can I change my avatar?

A7: Press right-click, show the menu, and press "Select your avatar."