Eleventh International Conference of Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA2019)

Abstract submission

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The deadline of the abstract submission is 16 April 23:59 (JST).
Post-Deadline poster submission is accepted until 1 July 23:59 (JST).


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During the abstract submission procedure, you are requested to select one category that is most related to your talk.
The following is the list of the categories of the IFSA2019.

I. Inertial Fusion Sciences

A. Central Ignition Schemes           
B. Alternative ignition schemes (fast ignition, shock ignition, etc..)
C. Laser (Beam)-plasma interactions
D. Hohlraum energetics
E. Hydrodynamics (incl. equation of states & instabilities etc..).
F. Burning plasma physics     

II. High Energy Density Sciences & Applications

G. Atomic physics (incl. radiation transport, opacity, and XFEL pump etc..)
H. Laboratory astrophysics
I. Condensed matter physics & planetology (incl. equation of states & instabilities for HED etc.)
J. Relativistic laser-matter interactions
K. Particle generation and applications
L. Radiation sources and applications
M. Plasma photonics (incl. plasma grating, laser pulse compression, laser beam combining etc..)
N. Plasma nuclear sciences (incl. neutron generation and applications, transmutation, and nuclear physics in HED etc..)
O. QED and strong field physics with laser 

III. IFE/HEDS technologies

P. High-energy and/or short-pulse laser facilities/technology
Q. Heavy ion beam drivers
R. Z-pinches and pulsed power machines
S. Inertial fusion energy power plant technologies
T. Target fabrication
U. Diagnostics (incl. XFEL probing etc.)