15th JBF Symposium

Call for Poster Presentation

  We are going to invite submissions for poster presentations at the 15th JBF Symposium.
  Poster will be displayed at the symposium venue (Day 1 to Day 3), featured on the symposium website (allowing online questions), and poster presentation will be made during the poster core time session (either on Day 2 or Day 3).
  The scope of the posters should be related to bioanalysis in broad context. This includes interdisciplinary fields related to pharmacology, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), toxicology, analytical techniques and equipment. The content can include research findings based on experimental investigation on the analysis of biological samples, attempts to improve analytical methods or procedures, implementation of new technologies or equipment, as well as informative or challenging case studies.
  We look forward to receiving many submissions and the opportunity to engage in discussions both on-site and online.

<Content of the Call>
We welcome submissions in a wide range of categories related to bioanalysis, including multidiscipline presentation related to pharmacology, TDM, general toxicology, and analytical techniques and instruments.
In addition to presentations at the symposium venue, we also plan to show posters online.
There are no qualification requirements for poster presentation, as long as presenters participate in the conference.
You can use either Japanese or English for the poster, but please use the same language for both the presentation and the application.
The size of the poster panel is W90cm x H210cm. The recommended size for single sheet posters is A0 (portrait).
Registration Period for Presentations
From 19th September 2023 (9:00) to 24th November 2023 (17:00)
We have started the call for papers earlier than usual (presentation registration can be done prior to participation registration). Please consider submitting your presentation.
How to Register Presentation
Please register your presentation through the JBF Symposium General Presentation Application Site (Confit) at the following link:
General Presentation Application Site: https://jbfsympo.confit.atlas.jp/login
(Langage can be changed by pushing a "English" botton on the header of the webpage.)

Content to be Provided at Presentation Registration
Name, affiliation, telephone number, and email address of the representative
Names of co-authors (up to 20), and their affiliations (up to 15)
Presentation title (in Japanese, up to 90 characters; in English, up to 200 characters)
Abstract (in Japanese, up to 1000 characters; in English, up to 2200 characters)
Keywords (up to 3 keywords in both Japanese and English)
Categorization of Presentations:
Depending on the keywords received, presentations may be categorized by theme.
Acceptance of Presentation:
The final decision on the acceptance of presentations will be made by the organizing committee. The results of the selection will be communicated to the representative specified by JBF via email.
Steps after Presentation Registration:
The presentations registered by the deadline will be reviewed by the organizing committee.
Contact persons will reach out to the representatives of the selected presentations by the end of December.
Further details will be communicated at a later time.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Presentation Call team via the email address below. We look forward to receiving your registrations!

Contact details for inquiries