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The 43rd JCI Technical Conference

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Property general

Thu. Jul 8, 2021 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM Room 2 (Virtual Room)

座長:羽原俊祐(土木), 杉山央(建築)

[1052] Influence of seed crystal admixture on properties of setting and hardened mortar using eco-cement

Takumi MIZUTANI1, Atsushi UENO1, Asako KAWANO2 (1.東京都立大学 2.太平洋プレコン工業)

Keywords:calcium hydroxide content、compressive strength、Low water cement ratio、pore size distribution、seed crystal admixture、setting、種結晶混和剤、低水セメント比、凝結、圧縮強度、細孔径分布、水酸化カルシウム量