Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2015

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[P-PS21] Planetary Sciences

Mon. May 25, 2015 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM Convention Hall (2F)

Convener:*Kosuke Kurosawa(Planetary Exploration Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology), Keiko Hamano(Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo)

6:15 PM - 7:30 PM

[PPS21-P10] Origin of the Great Red Spot and Formation of Moon and Earth's deep ocean-floor caused by Collision of mantle asteroid


Keywords:The CERRA tide division by Jupiter perturbation, Collision of the Earth, Moon formation, Formation of Earth's Deep Oceanflooor, Origin of the Great Red Spot, Origin of the asteroid belt and the meteorite

1. Multi-impact hypothesis: MI is a new hypothesis to the moon and the planet Earth evolution is the answer to the unified understanding of the "Earth and Moon and Solarsystem of Mystery"
(1). "Origin hypothesis of the moon and the deep Ocean-floor bottom by a multi-impact" was proposed
a new collision mechanism to Earth's mantle piece. The differentiated Mars size of primitive planetichiusu Bourdais'law that has not been proven, was formed in the asteroid belt position.
Why was broken by perturbing tidal forces of Jupiter and flattening of the orbit of primitive planet CERRA by whether? = Jupiter perturbation protoplanetary CERRA was desripted.
(2). "Giant planet collision hypothesis: GI (Cameron etc.)" Problems me was discussed below.
The differentiated Mars size of primitive planet, due to the collision ( on chance of good luck) from the revolution surface obliquely backward. = Impossible.
In hypothesis that forms the moon of only mantle component, it is not possible to explain the Earth's evolution and current status. = Just only a hypothesis for the origin of the moon.

2. Comparison of the two hypotheses **** MI Multi-Impact collision **** vs **** GI Giant Impact collision ****
(1). The impact velocity at the time of moon formation
**** MI. (12.4km/s , 36.5 degrees) **** vs **** GI. (0~ 8km/s: the most die about 30 degrees) ****
(2). In Collision energy **** MI (8.01 * 1030J). **** vs **** GI (2.05 * 1031J) = about 2.56 times as MI ****
(3). Collision probability **** New Mechanism by nature **** vs **** Non-Mechanism by Extremely small chance ****
(4). time mechanisms **** about 4 billion years ago **** vs **** about 4.6 billion years ago ****

3. It is possible unified understanding of the effect of multi-impact hypothesis **** to "Earth and moon of mystery." ****
(1). Whether the five times biological large extinctions have occurred in the earth ?
It is caused by the multiple of debris has collided to Earth.
(2).Why large extinctions of five degrees or more of the organism species occurs at the Earth?
Due to the collision of the multi-impact hypothesis.
(3). Why undifferentiated chondrite and stony achondrites, stony-iron meteorites and Iron meteorite are mixed in the meteorite?
The cause is the Multi-Impact the cause.
(4). Why asteroid belt was not accustomed to planet(formerly theory)?
Itokawa than crustal fragments that was differentiated?
(5). Platetectonics of Plate boundary formation, I suggested
"The origin hypothesis of crust flaking and deep ocean-floor formation.".
(6). Why, Earthquake belt of the Pacific Rim is formed, whether the back-arc and trench has been formed?
(7). The origin of continental drift and the deep ocean floor,
I was elucidated the mystery of the driving force. Driving force = eccentric moment of inertia.
(8). Why diamond pipe has been formed in the South African Premier and Russian Mirunu~i district?
Continental drift and after collisions of Hawaii position,
collided with the opposite side of the Drake Passage of Mirunu~i mine, Antarctica is I was stabilized to move.
(9). Why earth's axis is tilted even 23.5 degree from the revolution surface ?
The reason for this, it was estimated that the collision of the Drake (high latitude) CERRA division piece to the position.
(10). Why the Earth's core eccentricity (about 10%) has occurred?
Earth's mantle by CERRA debris collision to the Pacific Ocean position is missing, is due to Isostasy to complement it.
(11). The new hypothesis to the origin of the Jupiter's Great Red Spot , Why is it ? How is it ?
*** The world's first the new hypothesis ***
(12). Although other outer planets are made of gas and ice. Why Pluto is or silicate dwarf planets?
In this way, the origin of Moon and the Earth evolution according to the multi-impact hypothesis,
serves the interpretation the future of unified understanding.