Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2015

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International Session (Oral)

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[P-PS01] Outer Solar System Exploration Today, and Tomorrow

Wed. May 27, 2015 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM A03 (APA HOTEL&RESORT TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI)

Convener:*Jun Kimura(Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Masaki Fujimoto(Institite of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Yasumasa Kasaba(Dep. Geophysics Graduate School of Science Tohoku University), Sho Sasaki(Department of Earth and Space Sciences, School of Science, Osaka University), Takayuki Tanigawa(School of Medicine, University of Occupational and Environmental Health), Yasuhito Sekine(Department of Complexity Science and Enginerring, Graduate School of Frontier Science, University of Tokyo), kunio Sayanagi(Hampton University), Steven Vance(Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech), Chair:Yasumasa Kasaba(東北大学大学院 ), Masaki Fujimoto(Institite of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

11:00 AM - 11:15 AM

[PPS01-21] EUV observation for Jovian inner magnetosphere

*Kazuo YOSHIOKA1, Go MURAKAMI2, Tomoki KIMURA3, Atsushi YAMAZAKI2, Fuminori TSUCHIYA4, Masato KAGITANI4, Takeshi SAKANOI4, Yasumasa KASABA5, Ichiro YOSHIKAWA6, Masaki FUJIMOTO7 (1.Rikkyo University, 2.Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, 3.RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science, 4.Planetary Plasma and Atmospheric Research Center, Tohoku University, 5.Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University, 6.Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Department of Complexity Science and, 7.Institute of Space and Astronautical Science/Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)

Keywords:EUV, Jupiter, magnetosphere

HISAKI the Japanese Earth orbiting satellite has been launched in September 2013 from the Uchinoura space center. The EUV spectroscope "EXCEED" on board the spacecraft is observing the planets in our solar system since the end of November 2013 [Yoshikawa et al. 2014]. The performance of the instrument (effective area, spectral and spatial resolutions, and etc.) are same as been expected before the launch [Yoshioka et al. 2013]. Using the EUV spectra of the Jovian inner magnetosphere (Io plasma torus) taken by the EXCEED, the plasma dynamics such as electron transportation or local heating process have been revealed. In this presentation, we will show the whole results of Io plasma torus observation through the EXCEED, and we will also explain the way of our approach for the Jovian plasma dynamics.