Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2015

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Symbol B (Biogeosciences) » B-AO Astrobiology & the Origin of Life

[B-AO01] Astrobiology: Origins, Evolution, Distribution of Life

Wed. May 27, 2015 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM Convention Hall (2F)

Convener:*Kensei Kobayashi(Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University), Akihiko Yamagishi(Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science, Department of Molecular Biology), Masatoshi Ohishi(Astronomy Data Center, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Eiichi Tajika(Department of Complexity Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo), Takeshi Kakegawa(Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University), Shigeru Ida(Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

6:15 PM - 7:30 PM

[BAO01-P08] The possibilities for life on Titan - the constraints for methanogenic bacteria with acetylene-based metabolic pathways

*Sayaka IKEDA1, Katsuyuki NOGUCHI1, Mayumi SETO1, Rena MATSUO1 (1.Nara Women's University)

Keywords:Titan, astrobiology, Methanogens, acetylene, bacteria

Previous studies have discussed the possibilities for methanogenic bacteria (Methanogens) on Titan. These bacteria were assumed to use chemical reactions which emitted methane to the environment of Titan. We focused on one of these reactions (C2H2+H2 -> 2CH4), which hydrogenates acetylene. We calculated the Gibbs free energy which can be obtained from this reaction under the environmental conditions (e.g., temperature and pressure) of Titan. We also discussed the possibilities for these bacteria to survive under the kinetic constraints on Titan applying the method proposed by Seto [2014].