Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2015

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International Session (Oral)

Symbol S (Solid Earth Sciences) » S-IT Science of the Earth's Interior & Techtonophysics

[S-IT06] Early Earth - from accumulation to formation -

Sun. May 24, 2015 11:00 AM - 12:45 PM 303 (3F)

Convener:*Tatsuya Sakamaki(Department of Earth Science, Tohoku University), Akio Suzuki(Department of Earth and Planetary Materials Science, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University), Seiji Kamada(Graduate school of Science, Tohoku University), Bjorn Mysen(Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Inst. Washington), Chair:Tatsuya Sakamaki(Department of Earth Science, Tohoku University)

11:30 AM - 11:45 AM

[SIT06-06] Recent progress for stability and water solubility of hydrous and nominally anhydrous minerals in the mantle

*Toru INOUE1, Sho KAKIZAWA1, Nao CAI1, Kiyoshi FUJINO1, Takahiro KURIBAYASHI2, Toshiro NAGASE2, Steeve Greaux1, Yuji HIGO3, Naoya SAKAMOTO4, Hisayoshi YURIMOTO4 (1.Geodynamics Research Center, Ehime University, 2.Tohoku University, 3.JASRI, SPring-8, 4.Hokkaido University)

Recently hydrous ringwoodite was found in natural diamond inclusion, which water content was ~1.4-1.5 wt%. This shows that the mantle transition zone is really hydrous condition, at least in some regions. In addition, new dense hydrous magnesium silicate, phase H was newly found by first-principle calculation and experimental studies. Thus the study on the water in the mantle becomes a hot topic again after the finding of hydrous wadsleyite and hydrous ringwoodite.
Our group has been conducting the study for the stability and water solubility of hydrous and nominally anhydrous minerals, and the recent target is the effect of Al. In this process, we found the new Al-bearing hydrous phase in the upper mantle condition. In addition, we found that Al-bearing bridgmanite (Mg-silicate perovskite) can contain significant amount of water. So we are doing those projects to clarify the maximum water solubility in P-T conditions, structure by single crystal X-ray and power neutron diffractions, equation of state and elastic wave velocity. In this talk, we will introduce the recent progress of the water in the mantle based on our projects.