Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2016

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[G-03] Geoscinece Outreach

Sun. May 22, 2016 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM 101A (1F)

Convener:*Takeyuki Ueki(Faculty of Risk and Crisis Management, Chiba Institute of Science), Naoko HASEGAWA(Ochanomizu University), Satoko Oki(Faculty of Environment and information Studies), Chair:Jiro Komori(Teikyo Heisei University)

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM

[G03-05] Outrearch of glacier disaster in Aisan high mountains

*Chiyuki Narama1, Naho Ikeda3, Takeo Tadono2 (1.Niigata University, Department of Environmental Science, 2.JAXA, 3.Tohoku University, International Research Institute of Disaster Science)

Keywords:glacier disaster workshop, Ladakh Range, Tien Shan

Small glacier lakes are distributed throughout the mountain ranges in Ladakh region in northwestern India and Tien Shan of Central Aisa. These area have occasionally experienced glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs), causing damages to the settlements along rivers. With an objective of reducing the scale of damage by GLOFs, our GLOF disaster mitigation group held a glacier lake workshop in Domkhar village (30 May 2012), Stock village (Sep 2014), Gya village (Jul 2015) in Ladakh, and Jery-Ui village (Aug 2015) in Tien Shan, for targeting local residents. In the workshop, which helped to understand the current status of knowledge about flood disasters shared among local residents.