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[P-PS11] Planetary Sciences

Wed. May 25, 2016 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall HALL6)

Convener:*Keiko Hamano(Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo), Shunichi Kamata(Creative Research Institution, Hokkaido University)

[PPS11-P17] A new paradigm to solve "the missing link of "Moon and Earth"" is "Multi-Impact Hypothesis", it explains both Origin of the "Moon formation and the Earth's plate tectonics" and Formation of Mercury

*Akira Taneko1 (1.SEED SCIENCE Lab.)

Keywords: the missing link of "Moon and Earth", Origin of the "Moon formation ", Origin of the "Platet ectonics", Abduction, Formation of Mercury, Titius Bode law

In the scientific method to explore the origin of the previous solar system where life, including human beings occur, deductive method, and a creative subjunctive in addition to induction.It means to discover the truth in the induction method, an observation or experiment of Earth evolution.There was nothing other than the Earth observation until now as the way.Hypothesized, the hypothesis is believed as the conclusion is often the more that can explain the current situation.
Now, in the Abduction creative reasoning, is the idea of correctness is increased if be said in reverse.It is a perfect way to explore the origins and mysteries, but If you do not have thought a breakthrough hypothesis, have no sense at all.
The "Multi-Impact Hypothesis," to give the hypothesis with the following "Linking the moon and the earth of the Missing Link," a unified reasoning of (A) and (B).
(A) Differentiated protoplanetary CERRA of Mars size formed in the asteroid belt position of the solar system, by the perturbation of the most recent of Jupiter (giant mass), orbit is flattened to Jupiter near point side.
(B) Immediately before the CERRA to Jupiter collision, ruptured at a tension of Jupiter and the sun, the mantle piece collide intersects the Earth orbit.
by Abduction
(1) Moon of origin: collision mantle piece to Earth (12.4km / s, 36.5 degrees), and formed in the orbit radius 60 ・ Re position
*(2)Pacific Rim arc-shaped archipelago marginal origin: In the Pacific Ocean position collision at the time of moon formation, Depression marginal sea forming in all directions
*(3)By a large amount of mantle deficient moon formation collision, Van Allen belt of Brazil of core eccentricity (about 10%) was reduced.
*(4)CERRA it takes about 5-6 million years until the track flat torn in Jupiter perturbation, had already differentiated cooling.
*(5)Multiple of mantle piece collide to Eartht by peeling off the mantle , 70% of the sea surface of the earth -5km was formed by isostasy.
*(6)Origin of plate tectonics PT , minimization of the eccentric and the moment of inertia caused by the collision as the driving force.
*(7))Origin of plate boundary , Crust peeling due to the mantle piece collision and crack formation
*(8)Origin of arc-shaped archipelago and Marginal basin plate : Mantle deficit by collision and plate concave formed by isostasy
*(9)The origin of the start of subduction convex plate : When the concave plate and the convex plate each other press by the driving force , cause the convex crawl under concave.
(10)Fragments at break of CERRA is the origin of the asteroid belt. Understood in the distribution of long radius (kinetic energy)
(11)The meteorite, but differentiated stony, stony-iron and iron meteorites are mixed , it can be understood with the fragments of CERRA.
(12)There are several fragments of CERRA, large species extinction repeated happened with sequentially collision.
(13)Core and part of the mantle of CERRA , the mass is large energy such as distribution, It became a low orbital energy Mercury with law of equipartition of energy.
(14)The fragments of CERRA that has collided to Jupiter, was the origin of the Great Red Spot.
(15) Why Pluto is a stony? Jupiter and Saturn is a gas planet! I suggested. "Swing by the Serra fragments became Pluto with Jupiter"
(16)The inclination 23.5 degrees earth's axis was achieved with collision of the high latitude!
Kimberlite pipe formation to the Russian Mirny mine position, By the collision of the Drake Passage , It gave a moment that the inclination of the earth's axis is changed.
(17) the inclination of the rotation axis is also changed the direction of the driving force, it can be steep bend also the description of the Emperor seamount chain.
(Description of the sudden change in the thermal convection the drive theory seems to be impossible)