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[S-GL36] Frontier of basin formation tectonics on convergent plate margins

Mon. May 23, 2016 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall HALL6)

Convener:*Yasuto Itoh(Department of Physical Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka Prefecture University), Osamu Takano(Japan Petroleum Exploration, JAPEX Research Center)

[SGL36-P04] Why arc-shaped archipelago was formed ? How concave plate basin was built ? All origin of plate tectonics, was solved by unique hypothesis.

*Akira Taneko1 (1.SEED SCIENCE Lab.)

Keywords:Formation of the arc-shaped archipelago, Formation of a concave plate basin, Origin of plate tectonics, Multi-Iimpact Hypothesis, The origin of the deep sea floor, Lunar origin

Origin of plate tectonics, was solved by unique physically meaningful hypothesis.
Even people who stubbornly resist the continental drift theory of Wegener, neither the driving force is unknown, was no people who oppose to adopting a plate tectonics.As the driving force, Mantle Convection Hypothesis of Holms 1929, springing up and coming force to press the plate in the ridge, the power to pull the plate to crawl into the mantle.
Hard plate flowable layer asthenosphere under the lithosphere and assume a rigid a mesosphere under it the plates to move the surface of the earth without parallel deformed like a rigid body,he ashumed.Mantle is springing up from the hot spot, there is the fact that parallel seamount chains has been formed. And it has also been observed that the driving direction is bent. I believe that is happening is mantle convection in the difference of basically any driving force is also density.Problem lithosphere of the same density, can not be proposed first to crawl under the other two mechanical rhythm.In addition, not be able to propose mechanisms and reasons for moving direction was bent.
Multi impact hypothesis, following (A)·a hypothetical two steps (B), as a result (1) - (15).
(A)Protoplanetary CERRA the orbit has been flattened by the Jupiter perturbations, was ruptured in the tension of Jupiter and the sun.
(B)The cross-sectional mantle lobe is for the track that crosses the Earth, caused the sequential Mantle Impact.
Results (1)Injecting a month in the collision to the first of the Pacific Ocean position (12.4km / s, 36.5 deg.), and the trajectory of the month was calculated to be 60RE.
(2)Why? Is formed in almost the same orbital plane moon and the solar system, how the moon was formed only in the mantle? Because collision of the mantle piece.
(3)Meteorite in minute fossil quality achondrites-iron meteorite, which is why a mixed? Cause is Multi Impact.
(4)In the tidal disruption of CERRA, the asteroid belt has been formed energy . Is Kyusetsu is an error that was not accustomed to substantially equal to the planet in the long axis length..
(5)Caused a large species extinction in the collision over a few degrees. It is an inevitable collision mechanism that does not rely on chance.
*(6)By the collision of a plurality of cross-sectional mantle lobes, also 70 p/c of the Earth surface area of the size of the deep sea Yosoko (-5km) has been formed.
*(7)Plate tectonics of the Plate boundary Why was formed in that position? Collision mantle peeling, vacuum melting and cracking.
*(8)Pacific Rim arc-shaped archipelago and back-arc basin, and Darwin raised by the collision loss and isostatic, plate is concave in the mantle reduced pressure.
*(9)Was to elucidate the mystery of the origin and driving force of plate tectonics. Driving force = complement of the moment of inertia eccentric due to the collision.
*(10)To back-arc plate, and Pacific Ocean convex plate each other press in the eccentric moment driving force, starts submarining by isostasy.
*(11)Why form kimberlite pipe in South Africa Premier and Russian Mirunui district? Concentration and continental drift to Hawaii position to the collision and the impact of the counter electrode, and collision on the opposite side of the Drake Passage of Mirunui mine, Antarctica moved stabilized.
*(12)Why is earth's axis was tilted 23 deg from the revolution surface? Was estimated to collision of CERRA division pieces to the Drake (high latitude) position.
*(13)Why, the core of the Earth eccentricity (about 10 %) happened or? CERRA debris collision, Earth's mantle is missing, isostasy.
(14)Jupiter large red origin of plaques? Form a thermal conductivity difference soliton in the collision of MI mantle piece .cf. Shoemaker Levy comet.
(15)To outer planet is a gas-ice, or Pluto's is why silicate dwarf planet? In CERRA Mantle debris of the swing-by.