Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2016

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[S-SS33] Special Project for Reducing Vulnerability for Urban Mega Earthquake Disasters

Mon. May 23, 2016 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM 105 (1F)

Convener:*Shin'ichi Sakai(Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo), Naoshi Hirata(Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo), Hiroshi Sato(Earthquake Prediction Research Center, Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo), Kenji Satake(Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo), Hiroshi Tsuruoka(Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo Univ.), Chair:Naoshi Hirata(Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo), Shin'ichi Sakai(Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM

[SSS33-06] Development of a Management Training Program for Supporting Life Recovery Process at the Time of Disaster based on the Idea of VMDB System

*KEIKO TAMURA1, MUNENARI INOGUCHI2, KEI HORIE3, HARUO HAYASHI4 (1.Niigata University, 2.Shizuoka University, 3.InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting, Inc., 4.Kyoto University)

Keywords:Management Training Program, Supporting Life Recovery Process, Recovery, Urban Resilience

INTRODUCTION. In the event of a disaster in Japan, local governments provide many types of administrative services to victims. Before the provision of these services, victims have to be identified and apply to the support programs. Victims are identified on the basis of building inspections for the assessment of building damages. The results of the building inspection are compiled in a database and certification of the degree of building damages are in turn granted to the victims.
Previously, a basic database was constructed to manage the certifications for the degree of building damages. The life recovery support system, VMDB, using the survivors' ledger comprehensively assists local governments, in the wake of a disaster, with helping disaster victims rebuild their lives, including the issuance of disaster victim certificates. It has been developed through an industry-academia collaboration among Kyoto University, Niigata University, NTT, InterRisk inc and others. The system makes it possible to quickly and fairly assess a significant number of damaged structures, and also includes programs to train the inspectors required for these assessments.

MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM. As the target of the ward City staff of Tokyo, in the opportunity to carry out continuous training to foster the core staff that can management up to the victims ledger leverage from damage authorized investigation, has developed a training program, Training was carried out in six courses. This program consists mainly of two of the contents of the next:
(1) Training for the victims life rebuilding support business management in line with the project management methods as follows; 1) Overall picture of project management in supporting life recovery process: Victims life reconstruction realities of support and an overall picture of the support system to organize the five components was commentary, 2) Inspect Building Damage: The positioning of the building damage certification survey business, it is an object of the business, certification standards, after explaining about the investigation process or the like, to take advantage of the pattern chart, etc., were carried out exercises of damage certification, 3) Register Inspection Results: After explaining the significance and mechanisms of the digital data of the questionnaire, questionnaire of creating exercises, and a reading demonstration by actual equipment were carried out, 4) Issue victims’ certificate: Afflicted certificate issuance significance of the system, business flow, method of operation, describes the system configuration, using the afflicted certificate issuing system experientially, 5) Afflicted certificate issuance management: For afflicted certificate issued explains the need for performing a space designed in consideration of the business flow, the estimation of the concentration issue period, the study of the venue layout was carried out, 6) Life recovery support services management: After describing in terms of consultation and practical person in charge for the business for the business content of the life rebuilding support, it was role-playing exercises divided into victims auditors and practitioners auditors.
(2) Constructing WBS of the victims life rebuilding support business management
The WBS, hierarchically in detail the business, by structuring, is intended to facilitate the management. To manual the disaster response operations with a hierarchical structure, it is necessary to clarify the janitorial structure of life rebuilding support services. To municipal officials who received the training, it was carried out WBS created on the life rebuilding support business.

FUTURE PLANS. Promote the content of the literacy hub towards the use of in accordance with the situation of the local government, promote the expansion of variation.