Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2018

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[EE] Oral

A (Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences) » A-HW Hydrology & Water Environment

[A-HW21] Human-Natural system interactions and solutions for environmental management

Sun. May 20, 2018 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM A02 (Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall)

convener:Yuei-An Liou(National Central University), Chairperson:Liou Yuei-An(Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research (CSRSR) )

Natural system, environmental quality, and anthropogenic processes have strong relationship. Environmental changes and their causes increase the needs to address the consequences taking place in the structural and functional ecosystems. Much progress of anthropogenic activities has been made and significantly improves social economics. However, human system has been altering and raising burden on the natural system by alerting land use and land cover, bringing up water, soil and air pollution, changing regional and global climate, and increasing frequency of natural disasters, e.g., floods, landslides. Planners are increasingly pressured with challenges of balance between demands and developments while lessening the detrimental impact of social processes on environment. Remote sensing and GIS have been proved with their advantages in providing data and tools to model and visualize spatiotemporal environmental changes and influential factors so that practical policy for environmental protection and management can be proposed.
This session seeks for papers on advancements in the development of techniques and models with remote sensing and GIS to contribute environmental applications, to exhibit and visualize influences of human activities on environmental changes and to improve understanding of the relationship between anthropogenic activities and natural system and climate patterns. Solutions for environmental management in short- and long-term visions are very welcome.

Introduction (3:30 PM - 3:33 PM)




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