Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2018

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[JJ] Evening Poster

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[M-IS15] Geophysical fluid dynamics-Transfield approach to geoscience

Sun. May 20, 2018 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall7, Makuhari Messe)

convener:Keita Iga(Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo), Shigeo Yoshida(Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Kyushu University), Takatoshi Yanagisawa(海洋研究開発機構 地球深部ダイナミクス研究分野, 共同), Hidenori AIKI(Nagoya University)

[MIS15-P05] Is there mantle convection? A paradigm that can not be demonstrated.
In Multi Impact Hypothesis, it is possible to unifyly describe multiple current situations only once,
It can be verified all results using abduction

*Akira Taneko1 (1.SEED SCIENCE Lab.)

Keywords:Abduction and Multi Impact Hypothesis, Origin of Ocean floor, Origin of Continent (Pangea), Origin and Driving Force of Plate Tectonics, Origin of the Moon and Asteroid belt and Jupiter's great red spot, Driving Force:Minimization of Eccentricity of Moment of Inertia by Plate Distribution of Earth, Origin of Pacific Arc and Back Arc Recessed Basin

In geohydrodynamics, influence and results of flow can be predicted by initial condition and simulation.
However, like Case of Phildex, I am experiencing a great difference in results due to slight differences in route and conditions.
Conversely, if the initial conditions and the progress of the situation in middle are unknown, it is more difficult to estimate Past state or origin (initial condition) than in Past.
Although simulation can predict the near future in certain conditions, complete future prediction is difficult.

SCIENCE are intended to explain the mysteries of the universe.
For example, when we SCIENCE Origin of Solar System before Birth of human beings and Mystery of Evolution, Since Initial condition is inaccurate, Results are not necessarily correct even if the simulation calculation method is correct.

A.[In Giant Impact Hypothesis], a Differentiated Collision Body of Mars size Collides obliquely from behind and suggests a Simulation that Moon shot.
As a result, it is said that Moon of Mantle Only Injects and accumulates to (3 times Re) orbital position, but acceleration to Actual Moon Orbit (:60 times Re) has not succeeded.
In this hypothesis, not even able to explain another one of the features of the moon. (for example, Moon is always facing Surface to Earth, there is a Basalt sea on Surface to rabbits).
Initial conditions are also unknown and Demonstration testing is impossible.

B.[In Multi Impact Hypothesis(1)],(CERRA is orbital eccentric due to Jupiter perturbation, intermittent sequential collision of mantle tear fragments ruptured by Jupiter's tidal force), CERRA mantle fragments become an Elliptical Orbit in a row, indicating a mechanism that collides time lag at the intersection with Earth Orbit.
At first mantle Collision of moon size, Moon is projected to Orbit of 60・Re. (Re:6400 km Earth radius) A crack will enter the Earth's mantle at the time of Collision, and it becomes Boundary of Plate.
(1) Mystery of Origin of Moon-->Tidal rupture of Asteroid CEDRRA by Gigant Mass Jupterr on the revolving surface , and Collision of Mantle Fragment to the Earth, and Moon Ejection.
(2) Mystery of Moon only in Mantle-->Earth Cllision of Train Mantle Fragments-->As Newton's Cradle :Moon Injection of only Mantle (considering the second space velocity / repulsion restitution coefficient)
(3) Mystery of Moon Orbit-->Mantle fragments crash at Intersection with Earth orbit,Relative speed 12.4 km/s and angle 36.5 degrees,Injection orbital energy (60 times Re) orbit
(4) Mystery that Moon always directs Surface only to Earth-->Eccentricity of Moon due to Mantle Exfoliation,Heavy Side always points Center while revolves around Common Center of Gravity.

C.[Earth's (Mysterious) features]
(5) Mystery of Ocean Floor separation with Average Depth of 4.5 km, occupying 70% of Surface area of Earth--> Collisional Separation of Train Mantle Asteroids, and Isostatic Equilibrium Depth 4.5 km, (ex. Earth radius 6400 km)
(6) Mysteries split into about 10 plates and move to each other--> Distribution of Boundary Cracks, Pressure Drop due to Cracking--> Melting -->Mysteries of the transform Fault
(7) Mystery of Origin of Plate Tectonics -->Why did it happen? , Crustal peeling-->Marine convex plate
(8) Mystery of plate driving force -->Land plate and Sea plate -->Earth's moment of inertia eccentricity --> Couple Generation due to Earth Rotation -->Plate Driving Force
(9) Pacific archeology and Mystery of Back Arc bBsin--> surrounding plate dent--> Origins of Arctic Arc Iland and Back Arc Concave Marine Basin
(10) Pressing of Concave Plate and Convex Plate--> Origin of Fact that plates and plates begin to overlap each other--> Once balanced, we can end the Movement

D.[Other (mystery) features of the solar system]
(11) Mystery of Jupiter Large Red Spot--> Jupiter Collision of Mantle Fragment--> Decrease in Heat Flow through out Jupiter--> Origin of Great Red Spot in Soliton
(12) Mercury has a Core/Mantle Ratio of other earth planets about twice as Mysterious--> CERRA's Fragments plus core--> Speed Reduction--> to Inner Orbital--> Origin of Mercury
(13) Mystery of Origin of Asteroid belt--> At CERRA rupture, other than train asteroids--> CERRA's orbital energy as single distribution.
(14) Mystery of Origin of Pluto-->High orbital energy acquisition by Jupiter swing-by of CERRA's Fragments and Inclination of the ecliptic plane. -->Constructed of Crustal components (by specific gravity)

I can explain by Paradigm called Abduction with Multiple Results of One Time Evolution that I can verify Hypothesis's truth by being able to do.

It is impossible to explain thirteen items in Giant Impact hypothesis.

Understanding is more truthful than Knowledge.