Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2018

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S (Solid Earth Sciences) » S-IT Science of the Earth's Interior & Tectonophysics

[S-IT20] Structure and Dynamics of Earth and Planetary Mantles

Mon. May 21, 2018 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall7, Makuhari Messe)

convener:Takashi Yoshino(Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University), Dapeng Zhao(Department of Geophysics, Tohoku University), Takashi Nakagawa(海洋研究開発機構数理科学・先端技術研究分野)

[SIT20-P01] Origin of Ocean floor,Origin of Earth's plate tectonics, Proof of Driving Force, Mechanism of Slipping Inside Plates,Verification by abduction - by one-time evolution of the earth and empirical history -

*Akira Taneko1 (1.SEED SCIENCE Lab.)

Keywords:Origins of deep ocean floor and plate tectonics, Proof of inertial efficiency eccentric moment driving force, Reason for sudden change in plate movement direction, Verification by "Abduction of Multi Impact Hypothesis", Earth evolution only once and multiple results, It will be verified that you can explain everything in a unified way

Positivism is verified by reproducing the present situation in Experiment.
Earth,Moon,Ocean floor,Mysteries of Origins of Plate Tectonics,without Time Machine,no material,initial conditions are unknown,Time is't enough,so it is impossible to elucidate that.
In Abduction method,if it is Physically Meaningful Hypothesis,if it is possible to explain all Multiple Results uniformly by only one Evolution,it can be judged that Hypothesis is correct as Number of Items increases.

Specifically,in "Multi-Impact Hypothesis 2018 U06-P24(1)",Protoplanet CERRA accumulated at Position of Asteroid Belt was perturbed by Giant Planet Jupter that subsequently accumulated,and Orbit became Elliptical Orbit.
Fragments of Mantle became Asteroids of Train,circled around Sun,collided with Earth with a time lag,Great Extinction of species occurred in Conflict.
In addition,Seven Seas became Mantle Defects and formed with Isostasis.
Tidal Rupture with Jupiter and Sun's Attraction,Mantle tear strip turns around Sun as a Train Asteroid,
and Collisions of Earth causes Large Extinction of Species,Seven seas with an average depth of 5 km were formed by Mantle Defect and Isostasy.
Collision to the Pacific Ocean is Origin of Injected an eccentric Moon with Only Mantle,and Pacific Arc Island and Back Basin.
Collision to High Latitude was Origin of Formation of Tichitan Sea,Sudden Change of Plate Movement Direction and Ground Axis Inclination.
When Concave Plate and Convex Plate are pushed together,Convex Plate deforms and enters under Concave Plate.
Driving Force is a couple that minimizes Moment of Inertia of Earth and Inclination of Axis of Rotation is Reason for causing a Sudden Change in Direction of Movement.
In Passive Driving Hypothesis by Mantle Convection,it is impossible to explain Rapid Change and Timing of Movement Direction.
In Multi-Impact Hypothesis,Orbit Radius of Moon,Collision Speed and Angle,Plate Boundary Mantle Crack of Earth,Immobility of Antarctic continent and the 10% Eccentricity of Van Allen Belt,Reversal of Geomagnetic Reversal and Mr.Wegener's Altitude Double Frequency,I can explain All Every Item.
You can explain all about Origin of Pluto,Origin of Mercury's core rich and Asteroid Belt,and Mysteries of Differentiated Meteorite.In Addition,I could explain Origin of Kimberlite Pipe.

In Giant-Impact Hypothesis that relies on a coincidental Collision,Orbital Energy of Moon can only be obtained by 1/20.Since it is not eccentric,we can not explain why Surface always faces Earth.
To study Plate Tectonics,Truth can not be obtained without Exploring Origin.

In the Earth's cross section, the mantle defect at the location of the Pacific Ocean at the moon injection and the equilibrium depth due to the isostasy 5 km, the mantle flow, the core eccentricity and the collapse of the surrounding plate (concave marine basin and arcuate island formation), the moment of inertia imbalance Couple generation, cause of plate driving force and convex plate subducting under concave All mysteries became clear.

SEED SCIENCE Labo, the smallest scientific Personal institute in the world The object of exploration is the world's widest and the past [the origin of the solar system and moon and the earth, the universe does not expand etc.]