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[S-IT25] Deep Carbon: Diamond formation and carbon speciation in Earth and planetary processes

Tue. May 22, 2018 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall7, Makuhari Messe)

convener:Eiji Ohtani(Department of Earth and Planetary Materials Science, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University), Konstantin Litasov(V.S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy SB RAS), Hiroyuki Kagi(東京大学大学院理学系研究科附属地殻化学実験施設, 共同), Craig E Manning (University of California Los Angeles)

[SIT25-P04] Verification of Origin of Kimber light pipe by Abduction with Multi-Impact Hypothesis2014 U06-P24
-Demonstration of Spourting Mantle (including deep diamond rocks) Mechanism actual Proof of Plate Tectonics -

*Akira Taneko1 (1.SEED SCIENCE Lab.)

Keywords:All collision energy concentrates at the same time at Counter position, Origin of deep ocean bottom with isostasy due to mantle defect, Collision to high latitude is the couple of the earth's axis tilt, Collision to Hawaii is the origin of the Kimberley mine before the continental movement, Abduction is a verification using multiple results of one-time evolution, the multi impact hypothesis

The formation hypothesis of Kimberlite Pipe is the first original idea in the world.

Formation Mechanism of Diamond
is studied by Carbon Emission from deep part of Earth
by the Kimberlite pipe, but Cause was unclear why Injection of Kimberlite pipe occurred.

In Multi Impact Hypothesis2014 U06-P24, Mantle fragments of Planet CERRA collided with Earth and became Origin of Ocean Floor due to Mantle defect.
Collision Energy at Earth Collision arrives at Counter position of Earth at the same time, and Kimberlite Pipe gushes from the deep mantle.

Collision to Drake Passage position (high latitude) that formed Téchis Sea is a moment that tilts Axis about 23.5 degrees and Formation of a Kimberlite Pipe to Milneuil position,
Formation of Indian Ocean and Division of Gondwana Continent, Caused a major shift to all directions. Caused it.Mmantle defect in Antarctic position, Antarctica moved there and there has not been any movement since then. Deccan Plateau And Australia moved actively.
In Collision with the Hawaiian position in Pacific Ocean, Kimberly Position in Africa before moving on Continent.Premier mine of 1.75 million years ago is moving with mine by Continental Migration. Shock waves to the other side of Earth, mantle and A diamond mine was formed with Ejection of Impact jet that breaks through the crust.

Thus, from Multi Impact Hypothesis, Origin of Diamond could also be verified by Abduction.

SEED SCIENCE Labo, the smallest scientific Personal institute in the world The object of exploration is the world's widest and the past [the origin of the solar system and moon and the earth, the universe does not expand etc.]