Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2018

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[S-VC43] Volcanic and igneous activities, and these long-term forecasting

Sun. May 20, 2018 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall7, Makuhari Messe)

convener:Teruki Oikawa(GSJ, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Takeshi Hasegawa(Department of Earth Sciences, College of Science, Ibaraki University), Daisuke MIURA(一般財団法人 電力中央研究所 地球工学研究所 地圏科学領域, 共同), Nobuo Geshi(Geological Survey of Japan, The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

[SVC43-P03] Morphological features of submarine lava flows around Miyakejima

*Mikio Fujimaki1, Izumi Sakamoto1, Osamu Ishizuka2, Yoshinori Sato3 (1.Tokai University, 2.AIST, 3.MIKUNIYA Construction Co., Ltd.)


Miyakejima is located approximately 170 km south of Tokyo and is an active volcanic island of approximately circular shape with a diameter of approximately 8 km. Miyakejima is located in the northern part of the Izu Bonin Arc Arc and is a stratovolcano of basalt-andesite.
There are many research on land on Miyakejima, but there are few studies for marine areas. In this study, from the results of the detailed seafloor topography survey, we classified the lava flow of the seabed from morphological features.
This time we classified the lava flowing into the seabed in the northern and southwestern part of Miyakejima from morphological features.From the morphological features of the lava flows flowing into the ocean floor of the northern part of Miyakejima, it can be classified into three types L1 to L3, and the southwestern part of Miyakejima can be classified into four types L1 to L4.