Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019

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[J] Oral

M (Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary) » M-IS Intersection

[M-IS11] Aqua planetology

Mon. May 27, 2019 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM A02 (TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI HALL)

convener:Yasuhito Sekine(Earth-Life Science Insitute, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Tomohiro Usui(Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Keisuke Fukushi(Institute of Nature & Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University), Takazo Shibuya(Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), Chairperson:Yasuhito Sekine(Dept. Earth & Planetary Sci., University of Tokyo), Keisuke Fukushi, Tomohiro Usui

This proposed session covers a wide range of topics related to aqua planetology, including chemical reactions involving water on planetary bodies, water-rock reactions within planetesimals, distribution of water in the early Solar system and the origin of water on terrestrial planets, hydrological and biogeochemical processes on Earth, geochemical cycles and habitability on Mars and icy moons, exploration of water in the solar system, and theory to understand how to build a habitable aqua planet.

4:15 PM - 4:30 PM

*Maya Nakamura1,2, Yasuhito Sekine1, Keisuke Fukushi3, Noriko Hasebe3, Davaadorj Davaasuren4, Yoshio Takahashi2, Hitoshi Hasegawa5, Takuro Ogura6, Koki Morida3, Tuvshin Gerelmaa4 (1.Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2.Department of Earth and Planetary Science, The University of Tokyo, 3.Institute of Nature & Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University, 4.Department of Geography, National University of Mongolia, 5.Department of Global Environment and Disaster Prevention, Kochi University, 6.Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Science, The University of Tokyo)




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