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[P-PS03] Solar System Small Bodies: A New Frontier Arising Hayabusa 2, OSIRIS-REx and Other Projects

Tue. May 28, 2019 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM A01 (TOKYO BAY MAKUHARI HALL)

convener:Masateru Ishiguro(Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University), Taishi Nakamoto(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Masanao Abe(Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), Olivier S Barnouin(Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory), Chairperson:Olivier Barnouin(Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

In June 2018, the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft arrived at the target asteroid Ryugu after three and half years journey. In addition, another spacecraft, OSIRIS-REx will soon arrive at its destination Bennu. With these arrivals, the solar system research is about to enter a new era. We have organized this small bodies session since 2012 and had a broad range of discussions from viewpoints of laboratory experiments, observations, space explorations, theoretical modeling, and sample analyses. In particular, this time, we aim to hold this session to bring the latest research on solar system small bodies, focusing on the initial results of Hayabusa 2 and OSIRIS-REx. Presentations in the related fields other than these two asteroidal missions are also welcomed.

1:45 PM - 2:00 PM

*Seiji Sugita1,6, Rie Honda2, Tomokatsu Morota3, Shingo Kameda4, ERI TATSUMI1, Chikatoshi Honda7, yokota yasuhiro2,5, Toru Kouyama8, Naoya Sakatani5, Manabu Yamada6, Hidehiko Suzuki10, Kazuo Yoshioka1, Yuichiro Cho1, Moe Matsuoka5, Kazunori Ogawa9, Deborah Domingue11, Hideaki Miyamoto1, Olivier Barnouin12, Patrick Michel13, Carolyn Ernst12, Sei-ichiro WATANABE3, Yuichi Tsuda5 (1.University of Tokyo, 2.Kochi University, 3.Nagoya University, 4.Rikkyo University, 5.JAXA/ISAS, 6.Chiba Institute of Technology, PERC, 7.University of Aizu, 8.National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, 9.Kobe University, 10.Meiji University, 11.Planetary Science Institute, 12.Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory, 13.Observatoire de la Coˆte d’Azur)

2:00 PM - 2:15 PM

*Tomokatsu Morota1, Yuichiro Cho2, Masanori Kanamaru3, Rie Honda4, Shingo Kameda5, ERI TATSUMI2, yokota yasuhiro6, Toru Kouyama7, Hidehiko Suzuki8, Manabu Yamada9, Naoya Sakatani6, Chikatoshi Honda10, Masahiko Hayakawa6, Kazuo Yoshioka2, Moe Matsuoka6, Tatsuhiro Michikami11, Hideaki Miyamoto2, Hiroshi Kikuchi2, Ryodo Hemmi2, Masatoshi Hirabayashi12, Naoyuki Hirata13, Naru Hirata10, Carolyn Ernst14, Olivier Barnouin14, Hirotake Sawada6, Seiji Sugita2 (1.Nagoya University, 2.The University of Tokyo, 3.Osaka University, 4.Kochi University, 5.Rikky University, 6.JAXA, 7.AIST, 8.Meiji University, 9.Chiba Institute of Technology, 10.The University of Aizu, 11.Kindai University, 12.Auburn University, 13.Kobe University, 14.Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory)

2:15 PM - 2:30 PM

*Rie Honda1, Yasuhiro Yokota1,2, Eri Tatsumi3, Antonella Barucci12, Davide Perna13, Moe Matsuoka2, Deborah Domingue14, Tomokatsu Morota4, Shingo Kameda5, Toru Kouyama15, Hidehiko Suzuki6, Manabu Yamada10, Naoya Sakatani2, Chikatoshi Honda7, Lucille LeCorre14, Masahiko Hayakawa2, Kazuo Yoshioka3, Yuichiro Cho3, Yukio Yamamoto2, Naru Hirata7, Naoyuki Hirata8, Tomoki Nakamura9, Takahiro Hiroi11, Hirotaka Sawada2, Yuki Fujii1, Seiji Sugita3, Ryo Hayashi1 (1.Kochi University, 2.ISAS/JAXA, 3.University of Tokyo, 4.Nagoya University, 5.Rikkyo University, 6.Meiji University, 7.Aizu University, 8.Kobe University, 9.Tohoku University, 10.Chiba Institute of Technology, 11.Brown University, 12.Paris Observatory, 13.INAF, 14.Planetary Science Institute, 15.National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

2:30 PM - 2:45 PM

*Chiho Sugimoto1, Eri Tatsumi1, Yuichiro Cho1, Kazuo Yoshioka1, Hirotaka Sawada2, Yasuhiro Yokota2, Naoya Sakatani2, Masahiko Hayakawa2, Moe Matsuoka2, Rie Honda3, Tomokatsu Morota4, Shingo Kameda5, Manabu Yamada6, Toru Kouyama7, Hidehiko Suzuki8, Chikatoshi Honda9, Kazunori Ogawa10, Deborah Domingue11, Patrick Michel12, Seiji Sugita1 (1.University of Tokyo, 2.JAXA/ISAS, 3.Kochi University, 4.Nagoya University, 5.Rikkyo University, 6.Chiba Institute of Technology, 7.AIST, 8.Meiji University, 9.University of Aizu, 10.Kobe University, 11.Planetary Science Institute, 12.Nice Observatory)

2:45 PM - 3:00 PM

*Hideaki Miyamoto1, Ryodo Hemmi1, Hiroshi Kikuchi1, Goro Komatsu2, Chikatoshi Honda3, Tatsuhiro Michikami4, Tomokatsu Morota5, Yuichiro Cho1, Olivier S Barnouin6, Sho Sasaki7, Naru Hirata3, Naoyuki Hirata8, Rie Honda10, Shingo Kameda11, ERI TATSUMI1, Yasuhiro Yokota12, Toru Kouyama13, Hidehiko Suzuki14, Manabu Yamada15, Naoya Sakatani12, Masahiko Hayakawa12, Kazuo Yoshioka1, Moe Matsuoka12, Masatoshi Hirabayashi9, Hirotaka Sawada12, Seiji Sugita1 (1.University of Tokyo, 2.D'Annunzio University, 3.Aizu University, 4.Kinki University, 5.Nagoya University, 6.Johns Hopkins University, 7.Osaka University, 8.Kobe University, 9.Auburn University, 10.Kouchi University, 11.Rikkyo University, 12.ISAS/JAXA, 13.AIST, 14.Meiji University, 15.Chiba Inst Tech)

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM

*Naoya Tanabe1, Yuichiro Cho1, ERI TATSUMI1, Tomokatsu Morota4, Chikatoshi Honda9, Tatsuhiro Michikami11, Patrick Michel12, Carolyn Ernst13, Olivier S Barnouin13, Kazuo Yoshioka1, Sawada Hirotaka2, yokota yasuhiro2,3, Naoya Sakatani2, Masahiko Hayakawa2, Moe Matsuoka2, Rie Honda3, Shingo Kameda5, Manabu Yamada6, Toru Kouyama7, Hidehiko Suzuki8, Kazunori Ogawa10, Seiji Sugita1 (1.University of Tokyo, 2.JAXA/ISAS, 3.Kochi University, 4.Nagoya University, 5.Rikkyo University, 6.Chiba Inst. Tech., PERC, 7.AIST, 8.Meiji University, 9.University of Aizu, 10.Kobe University, 11.Kindai University, 12.Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, 13.Johns Hopkins University APL)




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