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[U-07] How JpGU will manage environment and disaster from the impacts of unforeseen geo-hazards

Wed. May 29, 2019 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM Convention Hall A (2F)

convener:Koji Okumura(Graduate School of Letters, Hiroshima University), Jun Matsumoto(Deaprtment of Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University), Daisaku Kawabata(Institute of Geology and Geoinformation, Geological Survey of Japan, AIST), Masaki Matsushima(Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology), Chairperson:Daisaku Kawabata, Koji Okumura(Hiroshima University)

Japan Geoscience Union has established the Environment and Disaster Coping Committee in 2008 to cope with various environmental and natural hazard issues. Those issues are among the most urgent and important geoscientific issues for the society. The enormous extent and severity of the disasters caused by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunamis urged collaboration of many scientific associations to know the effects of the extreme natural hazards. A number of severe meteorological, volcanic, and earthquake hazards demanded interdisciplinary collaboration to respond to the emergencies. The occurrence and consequence of severe disasters were clearly controlled by the combined effect of environments and hazards. In this session, we share our activities related with recent unforseen disasters, and discuss how Japan Geoscience Union sets up the framework to enhance the real cooperation among scientific associations to prepare the impacts of unexpected hazards.

Discussion (12:10 PM - 12:15 PM)




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