Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019

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[M-IS03] Evolution and variability of the Asian monsoon in Cenozoic global climate changes

Thu. May 30, 2019 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall8, Makuhari Messe)

convener:Masanobu Yamamoto(Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University), Ryuji Tada(Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, The Univeristy of Tokyo)

[MIS03-P06] Amplitude modulation of sea surface temperature variability in the Bay of Bengal by 400-kyr eccentricity cycle

*Masanobu Yamamoto1, Yuko Tsuchiya1, Steven Clemens2 (1.Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, 2.Department of Earth, Planetary and Environmental Sciences, Brown University)

Keywords:Bay of Bengal, Sea surface temperature, Mid-Pleistocene Transition

We generated a 1.7 kyr-resolution TEX86-based sea surface temperature (SST) record from the International Ocean Discovery Program Site U1446 in the Bay of Bengal during the last 1.46 Myr. The SST varied synchronously with LR04 benthic foraminifera δ18O and deep water δ13C. The cyclicity changed from 41-kyr to 100-kyr around 900 ka. The amplitude of SST variation responded to the 400-kyr cycles of eccentricity. Higher amplitude corresponded to low eccentricity. This suggests that eccentricity forced climate variability independently of the shift of cyclicity of glacial cycles across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition.