Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2019

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[U-08] Opinions and recommendations from meeting participants to the future of the Japan Geoscience Union

Thu. May 30, 2019 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM 101 (1F)

convener:Yozo Hamano(KOBE Ocean-Bottom Exploration Center, Kobe University), Eiichi Tajika(Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo), Koji Wada(Planetary Exploration Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology), Ikuro Sumita(Geosciences and Civil Engineering, Institute of Science and Engineering, Kanazawa University), Chairperson:Koji Wada(Planetary Exploration Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology), Ikuro Sumita

2:39 PM - 2:51 PM

[U08-05] Is he a bit overkill for English?

*Yoshi-Yuki Hayashi1 (1.Department of Planetology/CPS, Graduate School of Science, Kobe University)

Keywords:Englishization problem

English is taught in English or a special subject is also taught in English, indeed, English has been introduced to elementary school, and English examination of college entrance examination has become to be said to be four skill test today, lead this The importance of "international" importance of the leadership including not only the Keidanren that causes it but also the academic community, the direction of individuals' shooting spirit towards these, ... ... that socioeconomic and cultural academic background I do not know that the various aspects of JpGU are no exception.

However, has not underestimated the influence of stopping recharging of the Japanese space which I have been working diligently since the Meiji era so that education and practice up to the research level can be conducted in my mother tongue almost exclusively in European languages? Do you think that a Japanese language space and its operation ability are natural there and there is nothing to think that it is acquired naturally? As a mother tongue is being trained, we have a wide width and deep depth Although I am able to acquire imagination comprehension ability with, but because it is too "nature" its cost and power can not be forecasted easily, but I am worried that the power is rapidly declining.The language is recharged It goes without saying that training is necessary in order to master this.

I can not predict how far the convergence of language (Englishization) will proceed.The leap in China may brake somebody, but if it keeps it as it is, it will be several generations and Japanese will become a daily word It is a momentum to degenerate into a language that can only be used for the languages of European languages Unlike the multilingualization of the European languages group, it is not easy for the language system to respond at a high level to multilingualization between different languages If you try to secure the breadth and depth of thinking you will have to concentrate on a specific language system and you may be made to choose to switch at the language selection stage. I do not like being there, so I wonder if there can be an avalanche decline.
Advanced knowledge is accumulated in the English space Today, it is desirable to improve the management system to ensure that it contributes to the participation in the Japanese-English system, and it is also wonderful to build an operational system that can accept English sessions. I would like to have English, I would like to forcibrate that the material must be in English, eliminate Japanese sessions that emphasize Japanese language spaces and emphasize provision of knowledge to those with their native language. I would like to be able to accept it rather than it.

By the way I put a raw google translation in English abstract AI seems to need a little time to engage in this issue.