JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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[E] Oral

H (Human Geosciences ) » H-TT Technology & Techniques

[H-TT15] Environmental Remote Sensing

convener:Wei Yang(Chiba University), Akihiko Kondoh(Center for Environmental Remote Sensing, Chiba University), Carolynne Hultquist(Columbia University), Elena Sava(US Army Corps of Engineers Geospatial Research Laboratory), Guido Cervone(Pennsylvania State University Main Campus)

Our human beings are encountering various environmental issues on the Earth, and it is urgent to find out the solutions based on corresponding observations and models. Remote sensing is currently the only feasible means to observe the Earth environment at regional/continental /global scales over long periods, and consequently detects the environmental changes occurred all over the world. Although remote sensing has been extensively applied in numerous environmental studies, there are still many challenges for data analysis and applications. Consequently, this session invites presentations on theory, science, technology, and applications of remote sensing to study the Earth environment from local, regional to global scales. Both oral and poster presentations are sincerely welcome.(TBD)