JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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[U-03] Sustainable global groundwater management for human security

convener:Yoshihide Wada(International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), Makoto Taniguchi(Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)

Sustainable management of water resources is an overwhelming task, when faced with a growing population that is increasing its demand for food, energy and water. Except frozen ice, groundwater is world's largest fresh water resource, but increasing over-exploitation of groundwater resources has been reported over intensely irrigated regions. Groundwater is the prime source for drinking water supply and irrigation, hence critical to global water, food and energy security contributing to human security. But also for sustaining low flow requirements and ecological values of groundwater dependent ecosystems, the contribution by groundwater flow is essential. Groundwater therefore needs to be managed wisely, protected and especially sustainably used. In itself this is a challenge, however under a changing environment including climate, land use, population growth, this task becomes a challenge especially in the light of limited data availability and consequential uncertainties. From arid over humid to arctic regions, in every type of climate changing environmental conditions become apparent and have very different effects. In this session we invite contributions, which report on research on the consequences of a changing environment for future management, protection, and sustainable use of groundwater. Methodologies, strategies, case studies as well as quantitative techniques for dealing with uncertainty and limited data availability are of interest for this session. We welcome studies describing how groundwater resources benefit from an Integrated Water Resources Management approach. Furthermore, contributions describing case studies and new techniques for active management and protection of groundwater resources such as artificial recharge and conjunctive use are welcome.