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[A-CG54] Biogeochemical cycles in Land Ecosystem

convener:Tomomichi Kato(Research Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University), Kazuhito Ichii(Chiba University), Takeshi Ise(FSERC, Kyoto University), Munemasa Teramoto(Arid Land Research Center, Tottori University)

[ACG54-P05] Subdaily natural CO2 flux simulation in Kantō area to support inversion analysis of Tokyo’s anthropogenic CO2 emission

*Qiao Wang1, Ryoichi Imasu1, Yutaka Arai1, Satoshi Ito1, Takahiro Sasai2, Hiroaki Kondo3 (1.AORI, The University of Tokyo, 2.Department of Geophysics, Tohoku University, 3.National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Keywords:GPP, NPP, NEP, BEAMS, diurnal variation

Previous ground monitoring data analysis (Imasu and Tanabe 2018) suggests both diurnal and seasonal variations of atmospheric CO2 concentration in greater Tokyo area. Such spatiotemporal variability is attribute to a combination of atmospheric processes, human activities and land-atmosphere CO2 exchange. In this study, we prepare a subdaily version of BEAMS (Biosphere model integrating Eco-physiological And Mechanistic approaches using Satellite data, Sasai et al. 2016) at regional scale to estimate gross primary production (GPP), net primary production (NPP) and net ecosystem production (NEP) in Kanto plain. After calibration and validation, we supply these hourly biogenic CO2 flux data to the atmospheric transport model AIST-MM (Kondo et al. 2001) to study CO2 emission from Tokyo.

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