JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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[H-CG21] International Comparison of Landscape Appreciation

convener:yoji aoki(Open University of Japan)

[HCG21-P01] Sightseeing image of Asakusa based on Foreign Tourist Preference

*Xie Zijiao1, saraswati Sisriany1, Wang Huixin 1, Zhao Yuqing 1, Oka Masaya 1, Kobayashi Kumiko 1, Furuya Katsunori1 (1.Chiba University )

Keywords:tourist preferences, Google Vision API, visitor-employed photography, sightseeing image, preference mapping

Upon the implementation of Japan's tourism policy, more and more foreigners are coming to Japan. According to data from the Japan National Tourism Organization, the number of foreigners visiting Japan in 2018 reached 31.19 million. Asakusais one of the tourist attractions in Tokyo, Japan.Despite the temple as the main attraction, tons of attractions are also available surrounding this Asakusa area, not only for the cultural and historical aspect. Foreign tourists often visit this area for the whole area, Asakusa, not only for Sensoji temple. In order to contribute and promote tourism growth in Japan, especially Asakusa,.This research uses the visitor-employed photography (VEP)method, which invites volunteers to photograph their liked scenes and then captures the visitors’ landscape attitudes by deriving their intentions behind the photographs, was designed for capturing visitors’ on-site and real-time perception while visiting (Cherem and Traweek 1977). The total participants in this research are 36 people, with 740 photographs that use as data. The photographs classify in Google Vision API to classify the attraction based on image character (information about entities in an image, across a broad group of categories) and landmark image (popular natural and man-made structures). The data later use for mapping the scenic attraction in the Asakusa area. The result shows that most attraction is still around the Sensoji Temple, but this research also identifies another potential sightseeing image. In conclusion, even if Sensoji temple is the main attraction, the other Asakusa area also have high potential to develop as a sightseeing attraction, not only perform as a tourism service area (souvenir shop and restaurant).