JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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[M-IS10] Coupling between the atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere above thunderstorms

convener:Pasko Victor P(Pennsylvania State University Main Campus), Yukihiro Takahashi(Department of Cosmosciences, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University), Mitsuteru Sato(Department of Cosmoscience, Hokkaido University), Teruaki Enoto(RIKEN)

[MIS10-P01] Thunder Cloud Project : Ground-based multipoint radiation measurement campaign of high-energy atmospheric phenomena

*Teruaki Enoto1, Yuuki Wada2,1, Takayuki Yuasa, Yuko Ikkatai2, Kazuhiro Nakazawa3, Shohei Hisadomi3, Yuna Tsuji3, Harufumi Tsuchiya4,1, Takeshi Morimoto5, Yoshitaka Nakamura6, Masashi Kamogawa7, Yousuke Sato8 (1.RIKEN, 2.The University of Tokyo, 3.Nagoya University, 4.Japan Atomic Energy Agency, 5.KINDAI Univeristy , 6.Kobe City College of Technology , 7.University of Shizuoka, 8.Hokkaido University )

In winter, we frequently observe low-altitude thunderstorms and powerful lightning discharges in the coastal area along the Sea of Japan. Since 2006, the Gamma-Ray Observation of Winter THunderclouds (GROWTH) collaboration has been measuring gamma-ray glows, high-energy radiation from thunderstorms, in this area. Recently, we are expanding this project to a multi-point radiation measurement network at the Kabazawa city, which was named ‘Thunder Cloud Project’, and being collaborated with ground-based radio monitoring of lightning discharges. We also developed several versions of handy radiation detectors. Every winter, this new observation campaign has been detecting not only many gamma-ray glows from thunderstorms but also photonuclear reactions triggered by lightning discharges. In 2020, we are working to make our observation network a new citizen-supporting program, in which citizen supporters will deploy our handy detectors in their home. Here we summarize our recent progress and future prospect of the Thunder Cloud Project.