JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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[M-IS21] Geopark

convener:Keiichi Tadokoro(Research Center for Seismology, Volcanology and Earthquake and Volcano Research Center, Nagoya University), Takayuki Ogata(Disaster Prevention Research Center for Island Regions, University of the Ryukyus), Marekazu OHNO(Unzen Volcanic Area Geopark Promotion Office), Takayuki Arima(Yokohama City University)

[MIS21-P01] Educational application of Geopark in order to better understanding the regional resource management

*Kyohei Sano1 (1.Graduate School of Regional Resource Management, University of Hyogo)

Keywords:San’in Kaigan Unesco Global Geopark, Education

Geopark is the program to manage the regional resource with the holistic concept of protection, education, and sustainable development. Geopark contains not only geological and geographical heritage but also ecological and cultural heritage. To develop the Geopark activities in each region, it is important to accumulate the activity report, to share such reports, and to discuss “What is the Geopark?”, “How can the Geopark make a contribution to local society?” in Geopark members.
In the University of Hyogo, Japan, we apply the Geopark and their heritages in order to better understanding regional resource management. For example, the lecture“Introduction to Geopark” for graduate students picks up the effort and system of Geopark as the way to manage the regional resources. In this lecture, we have fieldwork and classroom lectures. In the part of the fieldwork, students visit the museum and Geosite in San’in Kaigan Unesco Global Geopark to study and observe the activity of local people. In the part of the classroom lecture, students study the concept and current situation of Geopark and we discuss such subjects of “What is Geopark?” “What is the Celebrating Earth Heritage?” “Relation between Celebrating Earth Heritage and Sustainable Development ”.
This presentation reports educational application and results of the discussion about Geopark in Graduate School of Regional Resource Management, University of Hyogo.