JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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[M-IS28] History X Earth and Planetary Science

convener:Yasuyuki Kano(Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo), Hiroaki Isobe(Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts), Kei Yoshimura(Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo), kiyomi iwahashi(National Institute of Japanese Literature)

[MIS28-P01] Recompilation of online data for historical earthquake studies

*Yasuyuki Kano1 (1.Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)

Keywords:Materials for Historical Earthquake Studies, Database, LOD

Several databases publish text data of materials for historical earthquake studies. The coverage of databases is limited in time and space because the amount of materials are too large to compile and emend at one time or because of scope of each project. A cross-search system for the databases are useful to analyze earthquakes recorded in wide range of time and space. Many historical materials were collected and organized, and collections of earthquake records that compiled articles on earthquakes (some of which include volcanic eruptions and landslides) have been published. These collections amount to 35 volumes and 27,000 pages. This series of archived collection can be viewed in a PDF format currently at the special materials database by the Earthquake Research Institute Libary, University of Tokyo , and a part of the collection is also included in the digital collection of the National Diet Library . A "historical earthquake record search system" is also available to the public, where a visitor can search for a volume and pages of an article. There have been efforts to build full-text database of compiled articles on earthquakes.

We have developed database for intensity or macroseismic data for historical earthquakes occurred in and around Japan based on a report compiled by T. Usami. The database is published using “midop” software which is a tool for easily transforming macroseismic intensity data tables into interactive maps. We compiled several datasets for historical intensity data of Japan. We also trying to build dataset related to Japanese historical earthquake in the Linked Data format.