JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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[M-TT52] Brand-new scope of coupling geophysics being established by infrasound and associated waves

convener:Masa-yuki Yamamoto(Department of systems engineering, Kochi University of Technology), Nobuo Arai(Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University), Mie Ichihara(Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo), Takayuki Otsu(Japan Weather Association)

[MTT52-P02] Infrasound signals propagated from volcanic eruption detected at long distances

*Makiko Iwakuni1, Takayuki Otsu1, Nobuo Arai2, Mami Nogami1, Masashi Motohashi1, Takanari Fujii1, RYOHEI EMURA1, Takahiko Murayama1 (1.JAPAN WEATHER ASSOCIATION, 2.Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University)

Keywords:Infrasound, Volcano eruption, Microbarograph

The infrasound signals generated by the eruption of Showa Crater of Sakurajima Volcano on 5 February 2016 was observed at microbarograph array in Mie, Isumi and Ofunato. Mie is 640 kilometers to the northeast of Sakurajima Volcano, Isumi is 990km and Ofunato is 1,300km. This event was reported at JpGU2017. Another event of Sakurajima Volcano eruption was recorded at microbarographs in Mie and Isumi. According to the weather conditions of that day, these infrasound signals of both stations are presumed to propagate around the ground surface. Celerity were about 0.34km/s at both stations.