JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2020

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P (Space and Planetary Sciences ) » P-EM Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment

[P-EM21] Surprises from the Subauroral Zone: Synthesizing Ground and Space-Based Observations and Theory

convener:Connors Martin G(Athabasca University), Kazuo Shiokawa(Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University)

[PEM21-P01] Subauroral-zone surprises obtained from the PWING project

*Kazuo Shiokawa1, Martin G Connors2 (1.Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University, 2.Athabasca University )

Keywords:PWING Project, SAR arc, ELF/VLF wave

Additional Coauthor: PWING Team (

The PWING stands for “study of dynamical variation of Particles and Waves in the INner magnetosphere using Ground-based network observations”. This project is a 5-year project (2016-2020) by the Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) (16H06286). This project deploys all-sky imagers, induction magnetometers, VLF receivers, and broad-beam riometers at 8 stations at subauroral latitudes around the north-pole to cover longitudinal variation of aurora and electromagnetic disturbances in the inner magnetosphere. Details of the PWING project can be seen at In this presentation, we review recent new results obtained by the PWING project at subauroral latitudes, particularly at Athabasca (ATH), Canada, (55oN, 247oE, magnetic latitude: 61.7N).