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[U-10] Linking Education and Research Communities in Geosciences: Engaging the Public and Local Communities

convener:Vincent Tong(University College London), Takashi Oguchi(Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo), Renee M Clary(Mississippi State University), Keiko Kuge(Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University)

[U10-P03] 20th Children's Summer School on Seismology and Volcanology in the Tango Peninsula, Japan

*Yasuyuki Kano1, 20th School Children's Summer Course on Seismology and Volcanology (1.Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)

Keywords:Children's Summer School, Tango Peninsula, 1927 Kita Tango earthquake

The 20th Children's Summer School on Seismology and Volcanology was held in the Tango peninsula, part of which is covered by the San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark, Japan. The main subject of the summer school is the shape of the tango peninsula and the 1927 Kita tango earthquake. The summer school was held on August 10 and 11. The students enjoyed a variety of lectures, experiments, and fieldworks. They also made discussion in small groups to present their summary of the summer school. The stops for the field trip and outdoor experiments includes: Miyazu History Hall, Amanohashidate Sightseeing Boat, Niizaki shrine, Tango Eco-Future Park, Amino station of Hi-net operated by NIED, Amino train station, two outcrops of Goumura fault which appeared at the time of the 1927 earthquake, and Kyotango City Local Museum.

The summer school is organized by the executive committee consists of members from the Seismological Society of Japan (SSJ), the Volcanological Society of Japan (VSJ), the Geological Society of Japan (JGS), and Earth Design School as local organization. The preparation begins in December 2017 by calling for venue of the summer school. The venue, Tango area, is officially announced in March 2018. The executive committee is organized in October 2018. Thirty members of the executive committee share the role of lecturer, facilitator for the entire school or separate group, public relation, logistics, safety officer and so on. The continuous effort to provide the summer school yields the rich knowledge of organizing summer school for school children.

The 21th Children's Summer School on Seismology and Volcanology will be held on August 18 and 19, 2020 at the area of Mt. Asama North Geopark, Japan.