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[M-IS12] [JJ] Electromagnetic phenomena associated with seismic and volcanic activities

Thu. May 25, 2017 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall HALL7)

[MIS12-P05] We were able to predict a foreshock and a main shock in an FM observation network by Kumamoto earthquake.

*Hidemitsu Kunihiro1 (1.none)

Keywords:Foretelling earthquake, Electric wave observation , FM erectric wave, Kumamoto earthquake

JGU No 018707 The Japanese Seismological Society of Japan A Japanese foretelling an earthquake society
JYAN society for the study's chairperson Hidemitsu Kunihiro
We were doing an earthquake study while expanding an observation network including construction of a direct radio observation point of FM broadcasting into the whole country from 8 years before, targeting the earthquake prediction. A big abnormal change showed in the FM broadcasting radio wave which has propagated the sky around the seismic center on April 6 and April 9 because of the Kumamoto earthquake in April of last year. And a main shock occurred on April 14 of about 1 week later (a foreshock) and April 16. Our observation network is a FM broadcasting radio wave, an observation was always continued, but a big change was for the first time like this except for E-SUPO phenomena. Our research council is doing a study and data analysis/analyses of an electromagnetic observation and is piling up the empirical rule which becomes earthquake prediction. When there was a big abnormal change, an earthquake occurred about 1 week later, but an earthquake also occurred on April 14 and April 16 on the empirical rule street this time. A route and the suburb from a sender of an FM radio wave (Kumamoto-City Kinpousan) to a reception point (Taketa-City) were an epicenter from these presage on April 6 and empirical rule, and the scale of the earthquake could expect a big earthquake from the abnormal level of the radio wave. You could expect to continue twice because big unusualness also showed on the 9th. I shook in an earthquake on the prediction street in Taketa-City of a reception point at night on the 14th with that, and an observation and an empirical rule confirmed the right thing, and an epicenter found out Mashiki-Town near the route. But, the Meteorological Agency was announcing "Please be careful about an aftershock for 1 week from now on.", so for me who predicted the 2nd time of big earthquake to tell "A big earthquake came again.", I ran to Kumamoto-Pri Mashiki-Town next early morning. But while an aftershock continued at a disaster area, I fully realized that almost earthquake prediction information which also has no agreements with media is of no avail. So electromagnetic observational data of our workshop is developed at this JGU academic meeting, and it's announced that an electromagnetic observation is very effective in earthquake prediction. (For an observation chart, the transverse = hour and vertical axis= the electric field strength and the color = observation radio wave)