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[O-06] [JJ] Geoparks in Japan -Lesson to be learned from the failure-

Sat. May 20, 2017 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall HALL7)

[O06-P13] Ibaraki university students’ regional contribution on North Ibaraki Geopark & Mt. Tsukuba area Geopark

*keisuke yamamoto1, Rika Imaizumi1, Fumitaka Endo1, Ibuki Sugino1, Shintaro Otomo1, Toshifumi Koseki1, Shohei Shibata1, Shingo Sugawara1, Shota Watanabe1, Kazuki Kidoguchi1, Taiga Suzuki1, Mamoru Koarai1 (1.Faculty of Science, Ibaraki University)

Keywords:North Ibaraki Geopark, Mt.Tsukuba area Geopark, Regional Contribution

Ibaraki University Geological Information Utilization Project consists of Ibaraki University students who interested regional contribution by geology. Our project team mainly support North Ibaraki Geopark using geological information that was not well known generally.
Until 2016, we published geo tourism maps of 15 sites of North Ibaraki Geopark and performed geo tours using these maps. Furthermore, we committed North Ibaraki Geopark Promotion Council and drew maps and signboards, and assisted geo tours. In October or November 2017, North Ibaraki Geopark is examined by Japan Geopark Network (Hereinafter called JGN). We will produce information about geology and the student’s point of view to be recognized by JGN. Moreover, Mt. Tsukuba area Geopark was newly admitted to JGN in 2016. So we will also cooperate with Mt. Tsukuba area Geopark, extent our activities and contribute to the region through using information of geology. The performance is as follows.

The activity in 2014
1. Producing a North Ibaraki Geopark promotion video
We collaborated with a professionalcameraman, Tsukuba Bank and local governments. The PV can introduce geological feature of North Ibaraki area byaerial video. The PV is screening at branches of Tsukuba Bank, the North Ibaraki Geopark Satellites, and several events.

2. Producing a North Ibaraki Geopark official product Geodora
The North Ibaraki Geopark official product Geodora was produced in partnership with Kamejirushi Corp., Kasumi Corp., Seibu Corp., a designer, and North Ibaraki Geopark Working Group. The action was paid attention by mass medium, and raised Geopark awareness.

3. The compilation of Geo guide manual in region of Kasama
We collaborated Geo guide manual with Kasama City, which is in region of Kasama of Mt.Tsukuba area Geopark. We provided geological information about two geosite which is the Kasama Basin geosite and Inada and Fukuhara geosite. In addition, we performed the student’s point of view at workshop when we participated the Geotour of using tentative Geo Guide Manual. Hereafter we will also cooperate with Mt.Tsukuba area Geopark.

The plan for 2017
4. Activities toward recertification of North Ibaraki Geopark
The North Ibaraki Geopark has been conditionally recertified at the 25th Japan Geopark Committee’s examination held in 2015. In case of recertification, the improvement of geo tourism maps was required. Therefore, we will collaborate with interpreters and local governments to provide academic support for creating new maps.