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[P-PS10] [JJ] Formation and evolution of planetary materials in the solar system

Mon. May 22, 2017 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall HALL7)

[PPS10-P22] Mystery of Planetary Integration Mechanism, and Origin of Moon,Asteroid Belt,Core Rich Mercury,
Mystery and all Origins
were unified proved by Application of Abduction at One-case Evolution with “Multi-Impact Hypothesis” to Past.

*Akira Taneko1 (1.SEED SCIENCE Lab.)

Keywords:Planetary accumulation mechanism, Origin of the asteroid belt, Origin of the Moon, Origin of Large Red Spot, Differentiated asteroids, core rich Mercury

Titius Bode's law is an unenviable heuristic.However, this law has suggested the requirements of the collision coalescence of the planet each other.
When the particles of the circular orbital and the elliptical orbit are tangential collision with almost no speed difference at the far point position, they coalesce and speed decreases by thermal energy.
According to Titius Bode's law the orbital radius is expressed as Rn = Re × (o.a + 0.4 × 2 (n - 1)). However, Re ≈ 149 597 870.700 km: one astronomical unit n=1 Mercury, n =2 Venus, n =3 Earth. n =4 Mars, n =5 Ceres, n =6 Jupiter, n =7 Saturn, n =8 Uranus….It comes to doubt in this neighborhood

In the simulation of the giant impact hypothesis, the moon formation of only the mantle component was calculated, but the moon's orbital energy was only 1/20 of the actual one. In Abduction 's way of thinking you can explain the current situation, reliability will increase, but if you cannot explain it will increase suspicion.
In the multi impact hypothesis, since we were able to explain all of the origins of plate tectonics, the deep sea floor and the Pacific arc islands origin and the eccentricity of the Van Allen belt and the new driving force of plate tectonics in a unified way, It can be said that it could be verified by evolution and history.
In addition, the multi impact hypothesis can also explain the origins of the asteroid zone, the origin of the differentiated meteorites, the origin of Jupiter's great red spots and Pluto, the inclination of Neptune's axis, and the large origin of Mercury's core-mantle ratio. In addition to explaining the origin and evolution of the solar system in a unified way. Elucidation of the origins in the solar system physics is impossible to reproduce and it is difficult to elucidate by induction or deduction.However, if we use a physically meaningful hypothesis, the origin of the solar system also matched the initial conditions It can be said that it is closer to the truth because it can be verified by using abductions completely systematically with multiple current situations using one-time evolution.

In the simulation of hypothesis relying on no basis, there are few results and many contradictions are obtained.
In particular, in the giant impact hypothesis, we cannot explain the difference in density between the front and back of the moon and the origin of the meteorite heavy bombing period.
All origins can be elucidated by abduction, other proofs are difficult.
In the multi impact hypothesis, furthermore, the origin of the asteroid belt and the planetary blank of the Sera position, the core / mantle ratio of Mercury is twice that of other earth type planets, the origin of Jupiter 's large red spot, the origin of Pluto, the origin of diamond The origins of the kimber light pipe, the mysteries of the differentiated earth meteorite, the mystery of the plate movement direction sudden change, etc. can all be explained unifiedly